Responsibility for Managing the Plan

Executive Director of Budgets and Compensation Responsibilities

  • Administering and interpreting compensation philosophy and policies
  • Reviewing all pay adjustments based on external market studies and internal equity
  • Monitoring and evaluating compensation administration practices to ensure adherence to Federal and State laws/regulations and the University's Staff Compensation Program
  • Partnering with managers and supervisors to provide information and training to employees
  • Recommending starting salaries in consultation with the hiring department.

Supervisors' Responsibilities

  • Consulting with the executive director of budgets and compensation in the planning stages of organizational changes which have the potential to impact classification and/or compensation of current employees
  • Partnering with the executive director of budgets and compensation to provide information and training for employees concerning the University's Compensation Program
  • Ensuring that pay action requests can be supported by adequate funding
  • Recommending starting salary in consultation with the executive director of budgets and compensation and providing appropriate justification for other related costs such as moving, relocation or other special terms of employment
  • Recommending pay actions to management
  • Gathering and retaining information to support pay actions.

Employees' Responsibilities

  • Participating in training regarding compensation and classification to acquire a general knowledge of compensation administration at the University.
  • Notifying supervisor of significant changes to position duties, if supervisor is not already aware of these changes.