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We realize that many of you are searching for ways to improve your health, whether it's exercising more, losing weight, eating healthier, or quitting smoking. Those healthy steps not only give you energy and relieve stress, but provide other health benefits including lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Washington and Lee has partnered with Evolve Wellness to help you meet your personal goals through our new and improved Wellness Program. By participating in this program, you can earn points towards a number of great prizes and rewards, including an insurance premium discount of $50-75 per month.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Quick Bites: Weight Watchers July Newsletter

Summer and fun! Two things that go hand in hand. To help you pack more fun into your summer, we've put together fun–to-read articles with fun-to do activity tips and three fun-to-make recipes. Think there's nothing fun about sitting in a parked car? Think again. With The In-Your-Car Workout you can turn downtime waiting for the kids, your friends, or your spouse into super productive mini exercise sessions. Speaking of kids, we've got great tips on how to get them more active this summer – with and without you. In Fun Family Fitness we give you lots of ideas that will help get them off the couch and on their feet. Want to make this summer the season to start an exercise regimen? Download and print this Starter Walking Plan from the American Diabetes Association. It's perfect for beginners. And if fried foods sound like forbidden summer treats to you, check out Fries 3 Ways for easy and delicious, oven-fried eggplant, green beans and sweet potatoes. All for 5 SmartPoints or less per serving!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Are you still waiting on your Garmin Activity Tracker

There were several tracker replacement requests that did not have a name or contact information entered. If you submitted a tracker request and have not received a confirmation email please contact Anne Remington ( or x8355). Save

Monday, July 18, 2016

Setting Up Your Vivoki

Please follow the instructions below to setup up your Garmin Vivoki. Go to Click "Create One". Sign up by filling in required fields and click "Create Account". Select features you would like to display on your personal dashboard. Click "Create Dashboard". Hover over the dropdown in the top left corner of screen. Click on the image of the person. Once viewing account display name, select "settings'. On the settings page, click "Account Information". Enter your Vivoki serial number in the box and click "Link to Account". Please note: You can find your serial number on the back of your Vivoki activity tracker or on the lid of the box. Syncing your Vivoki The Vivoki can be synced wirelessly at one of 3 campus Vivohubs or through the Garmin Connect Mobile app. Locations of the Vivohubs are: the Commons lobby at the computer kiosk, the Facilities Help Desk and the Law School Circulation Desk. To use the app and sync using Bluetooth, search and download the Garmin Connect Mobile app in your app store. Log in using your Garmin account credentials and select the device you would like to sync. Using your Vivoki with the Evolve Wellness Program You can connect your Garmin Vivoki with Evolve Wellness on the Devices page of the Evolve Wellness website. Simply click connect and enter your Garmin Connect account information.

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