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Why W&L?

Washington and Lee University is a small liberal arts college nestled in the Virginia mountains. We are known for our personal and engaging undergraduate experience and highly regarded School of Law.
Liberal Arts Advantage

Liberal Arts Advantage

W&L is a place to grow intellectually, unlock opportunities and prepare for your future.   

Some choose W&L for reasons that are as unique as they are. Some attend W&L for its small size and personal attention; others will tell you it was for W&L’s academic reputation, its scenic location or the Honor System.   

When students graduate, they do so with minds that think critically and creatively, a degree that opens doors, and a community of friends built over the course of their time at W&L.

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Engaged Community

Engaged Community

W&L is home away from home for students from all over the nation and world who have their own unique interests and aspirations. 

As a residential college, our students build enduring friendships by living together on campus, working closely with each other and professors, participating in clubs and activities, and serving the local community.  

Relationships are further strengthened by our student-run Honor System, a commitment our students make not to lie, cheat, steal, or otherwise violate the trust of the community. As a result, students enjoy a safe and open environment that enables them to focus on what truly matters — learning.

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Pool of Opportunities

Pool of Opportunities

W&L students are bright, passionate and talented, with a world of opportunity waiting after graduation. 

Our small size and individual attention allow us to develop personalized plans for students every step of the way, from early-career exploration to post-grad preparation. 

Together with on-campus programming, off-campus career trips, our robust alumni network and cross-departmental partnerships, we create an environment where students have the confidence, skills and tools to pursue their desired professional paths.

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Adventure-Ready Location

Adventure-Ready Location

Welcome to Lexington, Virginia. 

The town hosts two colleges, is consistently named a best small town, and is nestled among the mountains with larger cities just a short drive away. 

Lexington — and the adventure-ready landscape that surrounds it — become such a part of students’ lives that graduates often return to visit long after their college days are behind them.  

Our campus is about 50 miles from Roanoke, 140 miles from the state capital of Richmond, and 180 miles from the national capital of Washington, D.C.

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Making College Affordable

Making College Affordable

Our mission is to make a W&L education affordable for all admitted students. Our financial aid evaluation is not just a set of numbers plugged into a formula. We review each application and treat each family according to its circumstances. All First-Year applicants including domestic, international and undocumented students are eligible and encouraged to apply for our merit scholarships and university need-based grants.

W&L meets 100 percent of demonstrated need entirely through scholarship, grants, and student employment. Last year, more than half the entering class received a W&L grant or scholarship with an average award of more than $50,000.
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Scene on Campus

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The Heart
Of W&L

We have a long tradition of educating smart, ambitious students who have the ability and the desire to make a difference in the world.
James' Story
James, a young man, interviews young children in Nepal
James Ricks spent the summer in Nepal, where he researched tobacco use and health in the Kalikot region.
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Laurie, a young woman, sits in front of a computer in a science lab smiling at the camera
Laurie Jones is grateful for her opportunity to study in Ireland and Jordan through the Peace and Conflict Program.
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AJ Mabaka '22 plans to attend a graduate program in marine science and conservation policy.
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In addition to pursuing a double major, Jackson Hotchkiss ’24 is a competitive cycler.

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