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Why W&L

Washington and Lee University is a small liberal arts college nestled in the Virginia mountains. We are known for our personal and engaging undergraduate experience and highly regarded School of Law.

W&L Advantage

Founded in 1749, W&L is the 9th oldest college in the United States, even older than the U.S. Constitution.

Today, W&L is a top-ranked liberal arts university that continues to build on its innovative and flexible approach to education. W&L’s motto, “Not unmindful of the future,” reflects our commitment to an education that is relevant to the 21st century.

Making College Affordable

We are committed to meeting 100% of student financial need.

Every year, W&L awards about $53 million in institutional grants in addition to federal and state awards. And because of the strength of our need-based aid, only a fraction of families choose to take out optional loans.

Engaged Community

We are a close-knit, residential campus where students build lifelong friendships by living on campus, working and studying together, participating in clubs and activities, and serving the community.

A community which is strengthened by the student-run Honor System, and the commitment students make not to lie, cheat, steal or otherwise violate the trust of the community.

Pool of Opportunities

Our size, resources and commitment to innovation mean students have access to faculty and resources from day one.

One of the hallmarks of the W&L experience is the accessibility of faculty. Every class is taught by a faculty member who often becomes a mentor, colleague and champion, pushing students to raise the bar.

Adventure-Ready Location

Our campus is about 50 miles from Roanoke, 140 miles from the state capital of Richmond, and 180 miles from the national capital of Washington, D.C.

Lexington — and the adventure-ready landscape that surrounds it — become such a part of students’ lives that graduates often return to visit long after their college days are behind them.

Scene on Campus

Scene on Campus is a frequently updated collection of candid photos highlighting W&L campus life.

The Heart Of W&L

We have a long tradition of educating smart, ambitious students who have the ability and the desire to make a difference in the world.

Fly high

Fly high

Experiential Education

At Washington and Lee University, we believe in the power of learning by doing, so students are encouraged to push beyond traditional classroom experiences.

Experiential Education at W&L

Fly high

Fly high

Global Education

Most students participate in an experience abroad during their W&L experience. This may be for a term or full-year, Spring Term, summer program, internship, research, or service.

Study Abroad

Fly high

Fly high

Undergraduate Research

Students are encouraged to pursue undergraduate research whether independent or in partnership with faculty.

Research at W&L

Distinctively W&L

Our size, resources, innovative teaching and interdisciplinary learning, means students get personal attention and have opportunities for distinctive experiences.

Distinctive Programming

From The Columns

Read The Columns for W&L stories on campus and around the world.

Taking Account of Sustainability Efforts

W&L’s Spring Term Sustainability Accounting class takes a deeper look at the practice of corporations factoring in societal and environmental impacts alongside their financial bottom lines.

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Washington Term 2024

Running Up the Hill

Students in Washington and Lee's six-week Washington Term program learn the pace of Washington, D.C. during their Spring Term.

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‘W&L After Class’ Podcast Releases New Episode Featuring Mark Drumbl

In this month’s episode, Professor Drumbl examines the function and limitations of law through his experiences, research and teachings in mass violence and human rights.

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Eric Bazile '25 explores Havana, Cuba during his Spring Term Abroad.

Exchange of Ideas

A Spring Term Abroad course on social entrepreneurship and sustainability took students to Cuba for an eye-opening cultural exchange.

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"Statistics in Korean Music" Spring Term Abroad course explores Seoul, South Korea

Spring Term’s Got Seoul

Students in the Spring Term Abroad course Statistics in Korean Music explore mathematics in the traditional and contemporary music of Korea.

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Members of the "St. Andrews Crew" gather outside Graham-Lees.

International Bonds

Members of Washington and Lee University’s Class of 2024 who began their W&L experience at the University of St. Andrews in 2020 reflect on their unique experience.

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W&L Podcast Releases New Episode Featuring Paul Youngman

“W&L After Class” invites listeners to join W&L faculty to discuss their teaching, research and passion projects.

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University Singers graduating in 2024, l-r: Top Row: William Pittman Joe Condie Josh Lewis Mynor Lopez Stuart Robinson Sarah-Gabrielle Lynch (originally ’22) Kate Lardner Annie Thomas 2nd Row: Garrett Price Adele Roulston Jordan Jontz Elizabeth Gonzalez Avalos Lana Hess William Dantini 1st Row: Catherine McKean Elizabeth Kent (originally another year) Jowita Chotkiewicz (originally ’23) Sydney Brun-Ozuna (’24 Law) Colleen Curto Deuce Smoot

A Choir That Cares

This year's graduating class of Washington and Lee's University Singers reflects on their college experience.

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Ben Bankston '25

Leading By Example

Ben Bankston ’25 is finding opportunities at W&L to challenge himself in and out of the classroom.

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Anthony Edwards, professor of Arabic

Shared Language

Anthony Edwards, professor of Arabic, brings his boundless energy to his teaching, research and mentorship of students.

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Jay Margalus tackes his Design Thinking class for a site visit at the Virginia Innovation Accelerator.

CBL Faculty Collaborative Generates New Community Connections

The 2023-2024 academic year at W&L saw the proliferation of several new course offerings for students through a new faculty development initiative offered by the Office of Community-Based Learning (CBL).

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Caroline Matthews, daugher of John and Nell McDaniel, holds a copy of the cover of the forthcoming volume of the James G. Leyburn Papers in Anthropology.

Unearthing History

Students, faculty and alumni gathered April 12-13 to recognize the archaeological evolution of W&L’s back campus.

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