Annual Salary Increase Guidelines 2017-18

The total staff salary pool is set at 3.0% for 2017-18 with an additional .74% reserved for providing market adjustments. We will be mailing salary notification letters June 2nd and new salaries will be effective July 1, 2017.  Pay increase decisions are based on two factors: an employee's performance in 2016 and where their current pay falls within market reference range. The increase structure provides supervisors more discretion in rewarding performance.  Staff salary pool increases will be determined in two parts: a position in range increase (2.25% of the pool) and a merit increase (.75% of the pool) determined at the discretion of the supervisor or vice president. 

The first and primary portion of the salary increase decision is the position in range increase which accounts for 83% of the 3.0% salary increase pool.  The Position in Range Increase Guidelines use an employee's overall performance score and position within market reference range to determine an appropriate increase. Employees with strong performance or higher (3 or 4 or 5) will all be eligible for the same level of position in range increase. The position in range increase for strong performing employees in the entry and mid-zone was set at 2.4% this year, which exceeds the annual rate of inflationPlease remember that the total pool is 3%-most strong employees will receive increases close to 2.4% with higher increases distributed based on equity and performance factors.

2017-18 Position in Range Guidelines-2.25% Pool

Performance Score of: *Shortened
  1  2 3 Or 4 Or 5
Market Entry Zone - 0-33% 1.5% 0% 1.0% 2.4%
Market Mid Zone - 33.1-66% 1.5% 0% .75% 2.4%
Market Premium Zone - 66.1-100% 1.25% 0% .5% 2.2%
Above Max - 100.1%+ 1% 0% 0% 1.8%

*Individuals on extended leave without a performance review and individuals hired September 1st or later have a shortened review period for 2016 performance. Thus, the salary pool increase range for this group of employees has been designed to fall slightly below the salary pool due to reduced tenure in position.

The second portion of salary increase decisions is the merit pool of .75%.  Only employees with at least strong performance (3 or 4 or 5) are eligible for a merit increase. It is expected that all employees receiving scores of 4 or 5 will receive merit funds while a smaller percentage of employees with strong performance will receive merit. Managers have the flexibility to determine an appropriate merit increase as long as the departmental salary budget remains within established budget parameters. The Merit Increase guidelines provide a range of suggested merit increases based upon an employee's performance category. 

2017-18 Merit Increase Guidelines-0.75% Pool

Performance Category:

Suggested Merit
Increase %

3 - Strong Performance 0.0% - 0.75%
4 - Exceeded Expectations 0.5% - 1.5%
5 - Exceptional Performance 0.5% - 2.0%

The $242,783 or .74% reserved for market adjustments will be distributed using a priority order approved by the President's Council in 2010.  All employees with strong performance or higher will automatically be brought to the minimum of their market reference range if their current pay falls below the new range minimum. Ranges were moved 3% this year in response to overall market movement. The remainder of the pool is distributed based upon both length of service/time in position and performance.  It is expected that multiple years of market adjustments will be necessary to bring all employees to the appropriate location within their market reference range based upon their personal performance and experience at the University.  Employees receiving market adjustments are also eligible for salary pool increases as outlined in the guidelines above.

Staff Salary Pool Distributions-2017-18

Human Resources mailed annual salary increase letters to all benefit eligible employees on Friday, June 2nd.  Please contact Human Resources if you have not received your letter within five business days.   The overall 2017-18 staff salary pool was set at 3.0%, with most strong employees in their range entry or mid-zone receiving increases close to 2.4%, with higher increases distributed based on equity and performance factors.  In addition to the salary pool, $242,000 in market adjustments were distributed based upon a priority order looking at position in range, performance and service years.  Employee increases are based upon both position in market reference range and performance.  The graph below indicates the number of employees receiving an increase within each designated percentage grouping starting below .4% and going up to more than 4.5%. 

In addition to merit increases, 203 employees, or almost 35% of staff, received a market adjustment.  Market adjustments averaged $1195 but the actual amount per employee is based upon individual circumstances.  Market reference ranges were appropriately increased to match the new market data and employees were adjusted within range based upon the market adjustment priority order.