W&L Through and Through

Season 5, Episode 3

W&L Through and Through

Paul Youngman: From W&L Undergrad to Professor and Department Chair to Associate Provost and W&L Parent

Paul Youngman, W&L class of 1987, associate provost and the Harry E. and Mary Jayne W. Redenbaugh Professor of German, details his very full days as a W&L undergrad, his return to his alma mater as a German professor, his journey as W&L’s Associate Provost, and also what it feels like to walk in the shoes as a W&L parent. He also shares his time in the military when he was stationed in the US, Europe and the Middle East. 

Recorded: April 23, 2024
Aired: May 14, 2024

"I think that the most interesting places in academia are where you look at the intersection of two fields of study; I think that's where some of the most interesting knowledge production happens. That’s where we try to lead our students, and that's where we want our students then to carry on from.”

~ Paul Youngman, Associate Provost for Academic Development and Operations



  • Black Devil and Iron Angel (Catholic University Press, 2005) deals with the railway in 19th-century Germany
  • We Are the Machine (Camden House, 2009) is an analysis of the literary reception of computing and the internet in contemporary Germany
  • Paul has also published widely on Nanoscience and technology. His most recent publication, Complexity and the Human Experience (Pan Stanford, 2014), is an edited volume featuring computer modeling applications in the humanities and social sciences.