Mindful Technology

Season 5, Episode 2

Mindful Technology

Unraveling the Impact of Modern Technologies on Our Well-Being

Wythe Whiting, professor of cognitive and behavioral science, helps us explore the complex connections between mental health, sleep, physical activity and cognitive functioning. In this episode, we’ll discuss how modern technologies impact our ability to focus during daily tasks and potential harmful effects. And we’ll also navigate the vast social media landscape, examining its powerful influence on mental health, and shed light on the hidden dynamics that shape our online experiences.

Recorded: March 3, 2024
Aired: March 12, 2024

“We're pretty confident that a lot of these apps are triggering the dopamine system, and so that encourages viewers to continue to swipe with the idea that they're looking for that next hit ­— that something is going to be funny, or entertaining, or rewarding in some way.”

~ Wythe Whiting, Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Science