Art on the Wall

Season 2, Episode 7

Art on the Wall

Seeing Through the Eyes of History with George Bent

George Bent, the Sydney Gause Childress Professor in the Arts at W&L, talks about what inspired his love of art history, why he loves teaching it, and how he has engaged students in a remarkable digital history project, "Florence As It Was," that is reconstructing the Italian city the way it appeared at the end of the 15th century.

Recorded Nov. 1, 2021
Aired Nov. 9, 2021

“We don't wait until we have 25 buildings and then post them all at once. We do it one at a time. Well, this means that you're constantly changing it, you're constantly building it, constantly growing. We're always adding new things ... I'm 58. You know, if I die at 80, I'll still be working on this project. And I'll be happy doing it.” 
~George Bent, Sidney Gause Childress Professor of Art, on his project, "Florence As It Was"

Bringing Italy to Lexington:

George Bent: Art on the Wall Images

Images from George Bent in Italy and the FLAW program at Washington and Lee.A

Image of George Bent on a roof in Italy
Image of George Bent in Italy
Image of students in computer lab
Image of building in Italy
Image of equipment in old building in Italy
Image of painting in Italy
Image of painting in Italy

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Photo of Art Goldsmith chatting with a student

Photo of Art Goldsmith chatting with a student

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