Your Implicit Bias is Showing...

Season 1, Episode 6

Your Implicit Bias is Showing...

Talking Candidly About Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination with Julie Woodzicka

The Abigail Grigsby Urquhart Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Science explains concepts like stereotyping and bias. More importantly, Professor Woodzicka illustrates the impact of these human behaviors. Guests will also hear from W&L student Enuma Anekwe-Desince '22 and alumna Murray Shortall '03.
Recorded August 6, 2020
Aired September 1, 2020

"[Julie] helped me understand that I was not wrong to stereotype, but that I needed to take a hard look at my own biases and cognitive process around grouping people so that I could then understand my own behavior and how that behavior may be negatively affecting others."
Murray Shortall '03, on Prof. Woodzicka's teaching and research

Know That You Know, Learn More

Person Categories and Social Perception
Testing Some Boundaries of the Processing Effects of Prior Knowledge
by Claudia E. Cohen

Are Racial Stereotypes Really Fading?
The Princeton Trilogy Revisited
by Patricia Devine and Andrew Elliott

Americans Misperceive Racial Economic Equality
by Michael Krause, Julian Rucker, and Jennifer Richeson

Addressing the Challenges of Confronting Disparagement Humor
by Julie Woodzicka and Robyn Mallett

More Diverse Yet Less Tolerant?
How the Increasingly Diverse Racial Landscape Affects While Americans' Racial Attitudes
by Maureen Craig and Jennifer Richeson

Group Processes and Intergroup Relations
by Thomas Ford, Julie Woodzicka, Shane Triplett, Annie Kochersberger and Christopher Holden 

Gender Differences in Using Humor to Respond to Sexist Jokes
by Julie Woodzicka, Robyn Mallett, and Kala Melchiori

Changing Norms Following the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
The Trump Effect on Prejudice
by Christian S. Crandall, Jason M. Miller, and Mark H. White II

The Nonverbal Mediation of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in Interracial Interaction
by Carl O. Word, Mark P. Zanna, and Joel Cooper

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Photo of Art Goldsmith chatting with a student

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