Let's Get Real… About Surrealism

Season 1, Episode 10

Let's Get Real... About Surrealism

A Discussion of Dali, Curating and Surrealism's Lasting Impact with Elliott King

The associate professor of art history dives into the subconscious world of Surrealism, unpacking the work of Dali and explaining just how important his long-lasting career was. Professor King also shares how his journey with Dali and other Surrealist artists has deepened through his curatorial work and his courses with students.
Recorded October 9, 2020
Aired October 27, 2020

"The idea of what surrealism looks like, that dream-like imagery, is still very much with us. That kind of imagery was very influential in advertising, even in the 1930s. Surrealism got coopted by capitalism very quickly in the 30s. The Surrealists themselves were very “Left Wing.” Some were joined with the French Communist Party, but at the same time there were others who were doing window displays, there were fashion designers who saw Surrealist imagery and saw that it was popular and started doing fashion designs and all sorts of housewares and things with Surrealism in mind. So Surrealism was probably the first art movement really that reaches mass culture…. Surrealism spread really quickly and was very popular, and I think that’s still with us today actually."
~ Elliott King

Applying More Layers

Works of Art & Art Exhibits

The Persistence of Memory
Salvador Dalí

The Sacrament of the Last Supper
Salvador Dalí

Christ of St. John of the Cross
Salvador Dalí

Assumpta Corpuscularia Lapislazulina
Salvador Dalí

"Paint Gun" on The Ed Sullivan Show
Salvador Dalí

The Rabbit
Jeff Koons

The Art of Behaving Badly
Guerilla Girls at Staniar Gallery

Publications and Exhibits

Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto / High Museum of Art, Atlanta
by Elliott King

Dalí: The Late Work
Yale University Press
by Elliott King

Dalí: The Late Work
High Museum of Art, Atlanta
by Elliott King

Dalí, Surrealism and Cinema
Kamera Books
by Elliott King

Elliott King’s entire published works can be found on his CV


Ottica Urbani
Optical Shop in Venice (a favorite of Professor King)

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Photo of Art Goldsmith chatting with a student

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