Russia Then and Now

Season 3, Episode 4

Russia Then and Now

The Arc of a Superpower with Rich Bidlack

Rich Bidlack, the Martin and Brooke Stein Professor of History, has spent decades studying Russia and Soviet History. He shares what first sparked his interest in Russia, his research over the decades, and the direction his research will take upon his retirement.

“I think there are a lot of people who are sitting on the fence, who may have their own private thoughts and aren't going to share them. Because if you call it a war, you might get 15 years in jail. So, it's really, really hard to know what Russian people are thinking. If Russians want to find news, they can do it. I mean, the internet is still open, they can log on to CNN, if they want. Many don't, many are just trying to block it out of their mind" 
~Rich Bidlack, Martin and Brooke Stein Professor of History

Duck and Cover drills:

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