Romance Languages Department

Talented and dedicated faculty engage students in the study of the languages, literatures, and cultures of the diverse populations that once spoke the Latin of the Roman Empire. Majors in Spanish and French learn to speak a second language fluently, explore the history and culture of its speakers through coursework and study abroad, and gain expertise in the literary arts by reading and analyzing texts produced from the medieval to the post-colonial periods.

Students may combine two languages in a Romance Language major, as well as study Italian and Portuguese language and culture. The affiliated Latin American and Caribbean Studies program provides the intellectual excitement of an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of multicultural societies that speak French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Casa Hispánica, where students live and speak Spanish, annual dramatic performances in French and Spanish, ESOL outreach, Poetry Night, and the National Symposium on Theater in Academe all provide unparalleled opportunities for students of Romance Languages to actively prepare for the multicultural world that awaits them.

News & Announcements

Ellen Mayock

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Inside Higher Ed Features Q&A with W&L's Ellen Mayock

Ellen Mayock, Ernest Williams II Professor of Romance Languages and professor of women's and gender studies at Washington and Lee University, was featured in a recent story in Inside Higher Ed.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Yorkers Salute Larry Boetsch '69

During his 40 years at Washington and Lee University, Professor Larry Boetsch has received many honors, but probably nothing like the ones that came his way this spring from Steven E. Losquadro, a member of the W&L Class of 1986.

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