How Affordable Is W&L?

We meet 100% of every admitted student's demonstrated financial need through grants, scholarships and guaranteed campus work without the need for loans. Last year, more than half the entering class received aid with an average award of $53,800.

W&L Grant Aid by Parent Income

Many factors contribute to determining how much aid a student receives. Our Grant Aid by Income table below estimates expected to contribution based on household income. The chart below shows, based on the last incoming class, what each family was expected to contribute based on the household income.

Keep in mind that these are sample cases and each student who applies for aid will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Class of 2024 domestic U.S. students (university need-based grant application submitted)

Income How Much You Will Pay Percent of Families Receiving Award
$0-$29,999 $927 100%
$30,000-$59,999 $4,121 100%
$60,000-$89,999 $7,336 100%
$90,000-$119,000 $12,680 100%
$120,000-$149,999 $15,427 100%
$150,000-$189,999 $20,438 100%
$190,000-$249,999 $37,289 88%
$250,000 and above $70,338 34%

Office of Financial Aid