Supplemental Application Prompts

We want to really get to know you.

Your college application consists of many parts. You also consist of many parts. We'll get to learn about your classroom performance through your transcript, we'll read about your character strengths in your teacher and counselor recommendations, and we'll come to know how you spend your time through your activities list. It is just as important that we get to see your mind at work by engaging with how you think and communicate.

You'll submit one longer essay as part of your Common App, Coalition Application, or QuestBridge Application. We encourage you to show us another side of yourself by answering ONE of the below optional short-answer prompts. Your chosen prompt may be answered in your Applicant Portal, which you will gain access to after submitting your application.

  • To help jumpstart your brainstorming and to demonstrate that we empathize with the challenges you face in applying to college, our staff has published their own responses to our prompts. Fair is fair, after all. We hope you'll enjoy learning a bit about us and will feel more comfortable showcasing something new about yourself. Meet our Admissions Officers and view their responses.

Short-Answer Prompts

Option 1

250 words or less or max 2-minute video: Please describe an aspect of your life outside of school that is important to you, such as an extracurricular activity, a job, or a family responsibility. How has your involvement shaped your personal qualities and growth, and how has it impacted those around you?

Option 2

250 words or less or max 2-minute video: W&L's mission statement focuses on preparing graduates for lifelong learning in a global and diverse society. Engaging with faculty, staff, and classmates with diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives is an essential component of our education. Recognizing that diversity takes many forms, what diverse aspect would you bring to W&L?

Option 3

250 words or less or max 2-minute video: Reveal to us how your curious mind works by sharing something you spend considerable time thinking or learning about.

Option 4

250 words or less or max 2-minute video: On a residential college campus with a Speaking Tradition that encourages connections between individuals, using each other's names matters. Please share the story of any name you go by and what significance it holds for you.

Option 5

250 words or less or max 2-minute video: You’re assembling a team (for a business, sports league, ensemble, etc.). Your job is to build a healthy and cohesive team that achieves and sustains success in its field. Quickly explain your team’s purpose and then focus on the types of people who comprise your team and which of their skills and/or character strengths are most important to you.