Transfer Applicants

Students who have previously enrolled full time at another college or university may apply to Washington and Lee as a transfer student. Students who have not yet graduated from secondary school but are dual-enrolled in high school and college courses should apply as first year students, not as transfers.

Transfer admission to Washington and Lee is highly competitive. The successful transfer applicant generally will have a very strong high school record and will have achieved college grades at the B (3.0) level or higher.

There will be no formal evaluation of prospective transfer students' transferrable course credit prior to matriculation. If admitted, prospective transfer students may then receive an informal evaluation. Credits for courses completed at another college or university accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies of the United States, with a grade of C (2.0) or higher, may be transferred to Washington and Lee and used as degree credit. Grades for these courses, however, may not be transferred, and a student's cumulative grade-point average will include only work attempted at Washington and Lee.

A student admitted as a transfer may receive no more than 56 credits for work transferred. Such credits are assigned by the appropriate department head and the University Registrar at the discretion of the appropriate dean. Only work comparable to that at Washington and Lee in level, nature, and field may be accepted for degree credit. Transfer students must complete at least six terms of full-time study at Washington and Lee prior to receiving a degree.

For additional information concerning transfer policies at Washington and Lee, please refer to our Course Catalogue.