25th Reunion

Since 1986, W&L classes celebrating their 25th reunion have made a special gift to W&L.

2023 Highlights

The Class of 1998 had many notable accomplishments as part of their 25th reunion gift effort. Their overall total came in fourth all-time with more than $2.5 million committed to all areas of the University. They set a new 25th reunion class project record with $1,014,000 committed to the Williams School and became the first 25th class  to raise at least $1 million for the Annual Fund AND the class project. They were also the first class to have at least $1 million of the class gift total come from the women in the class. They contributed a new personal best for their single-year Annual Fund total, and set a new record for the number of leadership donors in the class at 41. Their class gift participation was 44%.

History of the Class Gift/ What Counts

Each of W&L's 25th reunion classes, beginning with the Class of 1961 in 1986, has honored the tradition of the university's benefactors by raising funds for a 25th reunion class gift. There are two primary components of the 25th reunion class gift:

The Class Project

The class project, selected by the reunion committee, is the hallmark of the 25th reunion gift and what distinguishes the 25th reunion gift campaign from the ones in previous reunion years. Each fall, the committee will select a strategic university priority to support as the project that will include naming recognition for the class. Typical class projects include bricks and mortar projects like the Student Health and Wellness Center, the Ruscio Center for Global Learning  and the Harte Center; and important endowments supporting student scholarships and experiences.  

The Annual Fund

W&L's annual giving program is expanding to allow for directed gifts to key areas of university operations. Directed giving recognizes the personal nature of philanthropy. Every W&L alumnus/a owes a part of their success to their unique experience at this distinctive university. Your time on campus made an impression on you. Now you can give directly to those areas of the university of greatest personal significance. Gifts directed to financial aid, academics, the arts, athletics, diversity and inclusion, and student opportunities allow us to provide unparalleled education and experiences, year after year. Gifts made without direction will continue to support the university's remaining areas of greatest need.

Members of the class may give to other areas of interest in lieu of or addition to these two areas. All gifts and pledges made by class members to W&L during the July 1 to June 30 fiscal year will make up the class gift.

Largest 25th Reunion Gift Totals

  1. Class of 1996: $4,707,475
  2. Class of 1994: $4,681,957
  3. Class of 1997: $2,559,778
  4. Class of 1998: $2,546,464
  5. Class of 1989: $2,239,000
  6. Class of 1995: $2,069,731
  7. Class of 1988: $2,001,098
  8. Class of 1993: $1,961,752
  9. Class of 1979: $1,900,039
  10. Class of 1992: $1,810,056

For questions about the 25th reunion gift, please contact Jessica Cohen, 25th Reunion Gift Officer.

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