Chemistry Research Groups

The France Research Group

The focus of our current research is on the development of ruthenium catalysts for the hydrogenation of esters and ketones to form alcohols.

The LaRiviere Research Group

The LaRiviere group is interested in fundamental aspects of ribosome metabolism in eukaryotes. Specifically, we are investigating ribosome assembly and turnover in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The Tuchler Research Group

The Tuchler group has developed a technique involving Cavity Ringdown Laser Spectroscopy to measure the equilibrium constant as a function of temperature. Another area of interest in the Tuchler group involves pedagogical applications of Computational methods in Chemistry.

The Uffelman Research Group

The Uffelman group is developing a set of novel polyamide macrocyclic ligands in order to expand the fundamental chemistry and Green Chemistry applications of iron-catalyzed oxidation reactions.