Alumni Board Nomination Form

Alumni Board Member Nomination Form

  1. The Alumni Board is not a policy-making board; University Trustees do that. It is a top-level volunteer board engaged in supporting W&L, engaging alumni, and being responsive to alumni needs and concerns. It works in close partnership with the Alumni Engagement office, in particular the Executive Director.
  2. The Alumni Board meets in Lexington twice a year, usually during Young Alumni Weekend in the fall and Alumni Weekend in the spring.
  3. The Alumni Board is active in developing and improving tools and services for alumni in chapters, communications, inclusion and engagement, and lifelong learning.
  4. Members act as a university ambassador and conduit for alumni information and concerns.
  5. Members serve a four-year term. 
  6. Members participate in two one-hour board conference calls each year, approximately one month before each campus meeting.
  7. Members attend events in their home chapter and support chapter leaders.
  8. Members give to the Annual Fund. 100% board participation is needed; the size of your gift is up to the individual.