Moving into 2021, GENERALly Fit

We're heading into a brand new year, let's do it actively! Join Holly Snyder, CSCS, CPT, and former W&L Athletic Trainer, for a three-part series, GENERALly Fit. Holly will walk you through creating a fitness plan, putting that plan into action and how to build on that plan to take it to he next level. Holly will be joined by a fellow General to help demonstration and modifications. Each session will stand on its own; however the entire series will deliver sequential information that will help you be more successful. This program is excellent information for all fitness levels, experienced, beginners, or those returning to fitness.

GENERALly Fit ~ Create A Plan!

Holly covered: realistic goal setting; creating small changes to make an impact; help you discover your workout style; and creating a routine that will stick.

GENERALly Fit ~ Put the Plan Into Action!

Holly showed us how to build a whole body fitness program with modifications to consider and scheduling that works.

GENERALly Fit ~ Build on the Plan!

Come dressed to move and let's take that fitness plan to the next level! We'll also talk about maintaining your plan and next steps.