Bonner Program Common Questions

We are looking for high-achieving students with a strong ethic of service and a deep commitment to community. Sometimes these are the students who have significant service experience in high school, but often they are students who demonstrate their ethic of service in other ways through service to their families and neighbors.

No. Half of the spots in each incoming class are reserved for students with demonstrated financial need, but half are not. We encourage students of all financial backgrounds to apply.

We admit around 10 students per class.

We have certainly had students in our program who have been successful as student athletes and Bonners. That said, we do ask that students put their academics first, Bonner second, and everything else third. That “everything else” is incredibly important, and in fact our Bonners are some of the most highly involved students on campus. What this means is that we ask that Bonners make their attendance to all program commitments a priority amongst their other areas of involvement.

Students are required to serve approximately 8-10 hours per week with a local community partner and attend our weekly one-hour Sunday evening meetings. Additionally, students go on a First-Year Service Trip over February break of the first year, and a three-day weekend exchange with another Bonner School during the second year.

We ask that students serve one full summer of service, which would be 8 weeks or equivalent. We work with students to find suitable summer opportunities and to seek funding for their service.

Applicants must complete the online application. Once all applications have been received, about one-third of those applicants will progress to the interview phase. Interviews are by phone, and will take place within two-weeks of the application deadline. Selected applicants are typically notified of our decision within a week of interviews.