Office of General Counsel

Welcome to the website of the Office of General Counsel (OGC). This site is intended to inform the W&L community about various University policies and procedures, to provide information on topical legal issues that may affect University operations, and to answer frequently asked questions. We also have provided links to W&L resources and legal research sites that may be useful to the W&L community. While it is our goal that you find this website helpful, please note that nothing on this site is intended to constitute legal advice. For specific legal advice, please contact an OGC attorney.


Vehicle Use for University Business

A few important reminders about the W&L's Vehicle Use Policy, including use of a personal vehicle on university business, eligibility requirements for employees driving on university business, and what to do in case of an accident.

Political Activity

With the fall election campaign season in full swing, and in light of IRS mandates regarding political activities of tax-exempt organizations like Washington and Lee University, it is important for all of us to review the rules regarding political activity that should guide employees and students. IRS prohibitions, guidance and FAQs are available on the OGC website.

Signing Contracts for W&L

What do I do if I need to have a contract reviewed or prepared? Can I sign this agreement (contract / letter agreement / lease / purchase agreement) that's on my desk? Before you sign anything, consult the policy and know your obligation.