Workday Application Instructions

Workday Application Instructions for External Applicants

Find Jobs and Apply

  1. Click on the link for the position you want to apply for.
  2. Click Apply.
  3. Sign in to your candidate account or create one, as applicable.
  4. On the Quick Apply screen, please attach your resume. Your application automatically populates with the resume details you provided, including name and location.
  5. Click Next. Update and add details on the My Information page.
  6. Click Next. Update and add Work Experience, and Education. Be sure to add your cover letter and any other documents required for the position to the Resume/CV document upload section at the bottom of the My Experience page. Check the job posting to see if a Resume, Cover Letter, or other documents are required for the position you are applying to.
    Important: You will not be able to modify your application after you submit it. The My Experience page is the only opportunity to add your cover letter and supporting document attachments.
  7. Click Next. Respond to any questionnaires, answering all required questions. Provide the names, contact information, and how you know your three references on the Application Questions form.
  8. Click Next and complete any remaining mandatory fields.
  9. Complete the Voluntary Disclosures if you would like. Note, the Terms and Conditions for the application are at the bottom of the Voluntary Disclosures page. Certify that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions, and then click Next.
  10. Complete the mandatory fields on the self-identify questionnaire and then click Next.
  11. Review your application. You can use the Back button to navigate and make any corrections. Note, you cannot make any changes to your application after you submit it.
  12. When you are done, click Submit. A status notification appears, confirming your submission.

Review Job Application Status

  1. Sign into your account. Click Candidate Home in the header. You will see all your submitted applications.
  2. Click on a specific application to see the status or any pending tasks associated with the application.
  3. Within the submitted job you clicked on, you can View My Submitted Application, View Job Posting, or Withdraw Application.
  4. You can also Update Contact Information on the Candidate Home screen.

Job Alerts

This feature enables external candidates to create job alerts to notify them of job openings that they’re interested in. Individuals can create criteria for these alerts so they receive an email when new jobs are posted that meet the specified basic criteria.

Create Job Alert

  1. Log on to the career site
  2. Select Job Alerts in the header
  3. Click Create Job Alert
  4. Name your Alert
  5. Select Frequency of Daily or Weekly
  6. Select Job Type(s)
  7. Select Full time, Part time or both
  8. Click OK.

Manage Job Alerts

Workers can edit or delete job alerts when they want to make a change to job filters or remove a job alert altogether.

  1. Log on to the career site
  2. Select Job Alerts in the header
  3. In the Actions column of the job alert that needs to be updated, click on the Manage prompt.
  4. Select either edit or delete. If editing, click OK once you have made your changes. If deleting, click DELETE to confirm that you no longer wish to receive notifications.

Account Settings

  1. Log on to the career site
  2. Click on your login and choose Account Settings
  3. You can change the email address associated with your account
  4. You can request that W&L delete your information. All information will be purged and cannot be retrieved or restored.