Japanese Tea Room

Senshin'an, the Japanese Tea Room

Our campus is home to an authentic Japanese Tea Room. This piece of art is open for viewing, as well as public tea demonstrations throughout the year.

This architectural treasure was built on campus in the Watson Pavilion, where it serves as a classroom laboratory for the study of Chanoyu (茶の湯), meaning the Way of Tea, and a center for cultural activities relating to the arts of Japan. The tea room was given the name named Senshin'an (洗心庵), meaning "Clearing-the-Mind Abode", by Sen Genshitsu, 15th-generation Grand Master of the Urasenke Tradition of Tea.

This piece of art and cultural lab is used as a classroom as well as an outreach tool to show a small piece of Japanese culture to the campus, city, and surrounding community. In addition to class, thematic ceremonies, and public demonstrations, the tea room can also be reserved for private ceremonies. For more information about scheduling a demonstration, please contact Professor Janet Ikeda.

For the hours of the Watson Pavilion, contact the Reeves Center 540-458-8034.

Senshin'an Tea Room

  • Senshin'an Tea Room
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