Panama & Colombia: Exploring the Caribbean Coast

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8 Days, October 28 - November 4, 2023

From $6,290 from Panama City, Panama

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Lindblad Expeditions


Where in the Western Hemisphere must one sail east to find the Pacific, west to enter the Atlantic?  Yes, the Panama Canal.  And that is only the beginning of its wonders. Just six years ago, the world came together to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the completion of the Panama Canal.  That attention surely helped to hasten the completion of a monumental expansion of the Canal.  The project is now complete, doubling the capacity of the Canal and enabling it to accommodate the huge tankers and freighters that ply the waves in world trade.  Even in an age of engineering marvels, the Canal’s 50-mile passage through the narrow isthmus of Panama continues to astonish even today’s most veteran traveler.  During a specially arranged daylight transit, we’ll experience firsthand the mighty locks that raise and lower oceangoing vessels 85 feet, employing only the force of gravity to accomplish in mere hours what was once required a three-week circumnavigation of South America.  

Our ship of choice is Lindblad Expeditions newest small expedition ship, the 100-passenger National Geographic Quest. We’ll sail during the best time of the year on a voyage that also celebrates one of the planet’s most pristine ecosystems, the rainforests, islands and archipelagos of Panama and Columbia. On this comprehensive itinerary, we’ll discover an astonishing trove of natural and cultural treasures as you navigate the Caribbean coast of Panama and Colombia.. We’ll hike into dense rainforests that harbor extraordinary biodiversity, glide through little-explored inlets by Zodiac and kayak, and meet the indigenous inhabitants of a secluded Panamanian archipelago where age-old traditions remain part of everyday life. Experience the diverse heritage of stunning cities and remote towns off the beaten path, from the Arab-influenced architecture of Colombia’s Santa Cruz de Lorica to the bustling shores of Santa Cruz del Islote—the most densely populated island in the world.

A visit to the Panama Canal is on most travelers’ bucket list. For a close-up view of the Canal and an informed natural-history expedition along the coast of Panama and Columbia, this is a voyage that will fill your bucket indeed.

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