Family Adventure in Science

A Family Adventure in Science Outdoors

July 7 - 10, 2019

Come share W&L and Lexington with your children and grandchildren in our special family-oriented campus program, built around amazing explorations and discoveries with the W&L faculty. Now in its 11th year, this program is specially designed for children ages 8-14, their parents and grandparents.

From the famed Colonnade on W&L's campus and beyond, incredible adventures await you. Are you ready for an active treasure hunt in science and the outdoors? Grab your hiking shoes and notepad because the clues may be a challenge to find. Each one will lead you to the next exciting segment of our three-day adventure on and around campus. We'll explore a creek bed for critters and discover how rich in life a simple neighborhood creek can be. Want to see how rivers erode bedrock in a cool science lab, then discover how it has actually happened on the river? We'll hike along the Maury River through a towering forest of broadleaf trees and study the rock record written in the limestone cliffs along the banks of the river. Get ready for a picnic lunch on a rock that is more than a million years old! It could lead you to a discovery of what makes a plant thrive in certain areas of our back campus, or it might help you investigate the critters that live in streams and rivers. Like bugs? We can find them and learn more about their habitat and why it is important to keep it healthy for them.

If you're curious and love adventure, this is the program for you. We'll learn some basic outdoor skills, like knot-tying and how to read a map with a compass, and collect stories to tell your friends back home, along with lots of useful knowledge for your next adventure.

This program will feature short field trips and laboratory sessions led by W&L science faculty. Parents and grandparents accompany their children and participate in nearly every phase of the program.