Distinctive Opportunities

Distinctive Opportunities

Our size, combined with extensive resources, innovative teaching and interdisciplinary learning, means students get personal attention and have opportunities for distinctive experiences. Our curriculum and opportunities for engagement outside the classroom encourage students to think creatively and approach issues from new perspectives.

Our programs educate and nurture strong leaders, visionary thinkers, compassionate citizens and ethical decision-makers. Our hands-on curriculum is designed to expose you to all we have to offer and help you develop the skills you need to get the most out of your education.

Experiential Learning

We believe in the power of learning by doing. Our students are invited to expand their education  and broaden their understanding through engaging, hands-on experiences. Here, learning comes in a variety of shapes and sizes limited only by students’ imaginations. 

Undergraduate Research

As a W&L student, you can partner with a professor or undertake an independent research project, on-campus or further afield. Dive deep and develop the skills that will give you a taste of — and a head-start on — postgraduate life.

Responsible Leadership

Our interdisciplinary approach to academics includes the holistic development of students by weaving character development and personal and community responsibility into the college experience. Some ways  W&L does is is through the Honor System, community engagement and intentional leadership opportunities. 

Community Engagement

W&L students are actively engaged in their communities. From tutoring to interpreting at the hospital, from building houses with Habitat for Humanity to helping at the domestic violence shelter. The commitment to service extends into the classroom as well, through a number of service-learning courses in which community service is integrated with instruction and reflection. 

Global Education

We educate students to be participants in a global and diverse society by engaging students through coursework, speaker series and cultural programs, and a vibrant and extensive study abroad program.

“ Liberal arts education cannot possibly prepare you in advance for everything you will encounter, but it makes you the kind of person who responds well to encounters for which you are not prepared. That ability, more than anything else, enhances your prospects for a lifetime of learning, achievement, leadership, service and citizenship.”

William Dudley • President, Washington and Lee University