The 2021 State of the University

President Dudley spoke with Executive Director of Alumni Affairs Beau Dudley '74, '79L about the recent fall term, admissions trends, new campus facilities, university finances, the Board of Trustees' decisions, and more.


  • Full Conversation (Runtime 40:05) Watch the complete conversation including all of the topics below.
  • Fall Term in Review (Runtime 4:02)
    including fall athletics, campus events, and President Dudley's Fall Term class.
  • Admissions (Runtime 2:41)
    including priorities, trends, and legacy enrollment
  • University Leadership (Runtime 3:44)
    including W&L's new Provost and Dean of the College and the search for the Dean of the Law School
  • New Campus Facilities (Runtime 5:34)
    including the Duchossois Athletic and Recreation Center, the Harte Center and the Center for Inclusion and Engagement
  • Board Decisions (Runtime 2:50)
    including the Board's process
  • University Chapel (Runtime 3:48)
    including the status of the restoration work and the portraits and artifacts housed in the chapel.
  • University Finances (Runtime 4:19)
    including the impact of Covid-19, the state of the endowment, and the Annual Fund.
  • Freedom of Expression (Runtime 4:11)
    including the university's commitment to free speech and policy on student political activity 
  • Alumni Perspectives (Runtime 1:54)
    including how the administration and Board of Trustees engage with alumni
  • Strategic Plan (Runtime 5:31)
    including university priorities such as need-blind admissions; expanded support for student opportunities; curricular investments; new facilities for the Williams School, student health and wellness; the sciences, admissions and institutional history; and a softball team.
  • Final Thoughts (Runtime 2:27)