Messages to the Community

A Message Regarding the Executive Order Involving Refugees and Immigrants

To: The Washington and Lee Community
From: President Will Dudley
Date: January 31, 2017

Our mission statement commits us to prepare our graduates for "engaged citizenship in a global and diverse society." International education is a fundamental element of our university. This commitment is physically embodied in the newly dedicated Ruscio Center for Global Learning. It is also realized in the many programs that send our students and faculty to every corner of the globe and bring international students and visiting scholars to our campus.

Last Friday's immigration order by the Trump administration, which restricts international travel and educational opportunities on the basis of nationality and religion, is contrary to W&L's mission, non-discrimination policies, and dedicated efforts to enhance international education. This concerns me, as I know it does many of you.

I reaffirm Washington and Lee's commitment to its core values and to its students, faculty and staff, regardless of their country of origin or their religious beliefs. Although none of our current students or employees is from any of the seven countries affected by the executive order, W&L is home to citizens from 55 nations and a variety of religious traditions. These friends and colleagues enrich our campus in countless ways.

The fulfillment of our educational mission depends upon the presence of students and scholars of diverse nationalities and religious faiths. In the coming days, we will express gratitude and support for the international and Muslim members of our community. Such support reflects the culture of mutual respect that we prize so highly and will always uphold at Washington and Lee.