Travel by Automobile

For local or regional trips, faculty are expected to travel by automobile and will be reimbursed at the rate of $0.375 per mile (effective January 1, 2008) or rental car through Enterprise, whichever is more economical.  For information about Enterprise rentals, please see the Business Office website -  Note that you need to refill the gas tank on a rental car before returning the vehicle.

Prior to travel by automobile, please make sure you are familiar with the University Vehicle Use Policy.  It applies to any vehicle travel on university business (personal vehicle or rental car).

Travel mileage should be documented by providing a description of the starting and ending locations and actual odometer readings and/or using an online mileage calculator.  Please submit a copy of the MapQuest or Google directions if using that method.

Please include hotel parking in your estimated transportation expenses.  Faculty are expected to park as economically as possible, including self-parking instead of valet parking.

When faculty drive a personal auto or rental car to a conference, taxi fares for local travel will not be covered in addition to automobile expenses (mileage and parking or rental, gas and parking).