Travel by Air

When booking airfare, please be aware that the Dean's Office cannot cover seat upgrades or travel class upgrades.  Hotel accommodations the night before departure or the night after arrival will not be covered unless specifically approved by the appropriate dean.

For long-distance travel, faculty are expected to fly using a home airport (Roanoke, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Staunton, Richmond, Dulles, Reagan National), although exceptions will be made for off-campus sabbatical locations.  For travel to/from a home airport, personal automobile or rental car is required for full reimbursement up to one round-trip of travel.  Faculty will not be reimbursed for the full expense of hiring a personal driver or taxi, and will be reimbursed only for the equivalent of an Enterprise rental car rate or mileage and economy parking (whichever is less expensive). 

Faculty wanting to use a rental car for travel to/from a home airport should review  Please make sure you understand the one-way or one-day rental terms.  The reduced rate arrangement from Enterprise applies to the Roanoke airport.

Faculty are expected to use economy parking when traveling from a home airport.

Faculty traveling by air are expected to use the most economical form of ground transportation (hotel shuttle, Super Shuttle, or taxi) to travel to/from the conference hotel.  Please note that taxi fares will only be reimbursed the equivalent of a shuttle service if that option is available.  Super Shuttle serves 39 major airports, please check the website ( or the hotel website for transportation options.  Car rentals at the conference destination will not be covered unless specifically approved by the appropriate dean.

Please note that travel insurance is not covered by the University.

Prior to travel by automobile, please make sure you are familiar with the University Vehicle Use Policy.  It applies to any vehicle travel on university business (personal vehicle or rental car).