Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start a student organization on campus?
A: The "Start a Club" page on the Student Activities website will get you started. This is where you can find links to register your organization with the Student Activities office, get funding from the Executive Committee, and register your group for the Campus Activities Fair during Orientation Week. For more information, please contact or

Q: Does the Student Activities office provide funding for student organizations and their events?

A: Absolutely! The Student Activities office regularly partners with student organizations to sponsor events on campus. Contact to request funding. Click here for more information.

Q: How do I reserve meeting space in Elrod Commons?
A: Visit the online reservation system to reserve a room in Elrod Commons. If you have questions about the room reservation process, or need to cancel or change your meeting, please contact Wendi Rice in the Student Affairs administrative office at 458-8282 or

Q: How do I find out more information about a club or organization on campus that I'm interested in joining?
A: Be sure to check out the Campus Activities Fair during Orientation Week, where you can meet representatives from every student organization on campus. Didn't make it to the fair? Email the Student Activities office at about groups that you are interested in learning more about, and we will put you in touch with the organization.

Q: How do I find out about trips, speakers and other experiences offered through the Outing Club?
A: Sign up for membership on the Outing Club website and instantly get on the email list for all the great activities planned through this office. You can also check out the Outing Club's Facebook page or contact to find out about upcoming trips that might interest you.

Q: My organization would like to secure a spot to tailgate during this week's athletic event. How do I do that?
A: Please submit the Tailgate Registration Form to Room 249 by noon on the Friday before the game. This page also lists rules and regulations for tailgating on campus.

Q: How do I reserve a swipe machine?
A: Download the request form for a swipe machine and take the signed form (a list of Student Affairs personnel who can sign off are included on the form) to the Business Office to reserve a machine for the requested date. Swipe machines have to be picked up and returned to the Business Office each day that they are reserved.

Q: How do I reserve space for an event on Cannan Green, Liberty Hall Ruins, the Dell, or the Pavilion?
A: Submit the Student Event Registration Form to Room 249 to register the event and reserve space on the calendar. Please contact Kelsey Goodwin at 458-5000 or with any questions.

Q: Can I hang a banner or flyer in Elrod Commons?
A: Please stop by the Student Activities office (Commons 254) or email to have banners approved to be hung in Elrod Commons for events or initiatives that your student organization may be planning to advertise. Banners and posters should be approved by Kelsey Goodwin in Commons 254. The Student Activities staff is also happy to help hang up posters and banners when dropped off to the Student Activities office. The Director of Student Activities and the Division of Student Affairs reserves the right to remove flyers and banners deemed inappropriate, not associated with recognized student organizations, or which advertise events for which the date has expired. Academic buildings, Leyburn Library and other spaces on campus reserve the right to restrict banners and posters to their own designated areas as determined by department.