FYE 100: General Success

The purpose of General Success is to assist new students with their transition from high school to Washington and Lee University. This course aims to foster a sense of belonging, articulate to students the expectations of the University and its faculty, empower students to solve problems with maturity, make students more likely to utilize resources and opportunities, and guide students as they clarify their purpose, meaning, and direction in college.  In twelve one-hour sessions, students will engage in the development of skills and traits such as active listening, empathy, integrity, self-authorship, bystander intervention, confrontation with compassion, conflict mediation, and inclusive strategies. 

 Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will increase their sense of belonging at Washington and Lee.
  2. Students will analyze the connection between Washington and Lee’s educational mission and their own personal mission. 
  3. Students will define strategies for managing time and priorities.
  4. Students will describe Washington and Lee’s academic and co-curricular policies, processes, resources, and opportunities.
  5. Students will articulate their own personal and professional goals, and will define potential pathways toward achieving those goals.

Register for FYE 100 on Wednesday, September 4 and get credit for the continuing education you are doing anyway!  General Success is a one-credit, fall term, FYs only course co-facilitated by faculty, staff, and student leaders.  The course is intentionally and collaboratively designed to give FYs the best chance of success.

Content for FYE 100 includes:
University Mission Statement
University Strategic Plan
New Student Guidebook
Excerpt from President Dudley’s 2019 Commencement Address
EC on Academic Integrity and avoiding Plagiarism
Emotional Intelligence Article
PCs on Wellness
Case Studies
Younity addressing Greek Life
Identity Article
Promise Committee
Campus Community Coalition
Community Based Learning
Resiliency Article
University Statement of Commitment to Diversity
Office of Inclusion and Engagement Resources
Empathy Article
Career Fellows
International Education