Study Abroad Opportunities in Mathematics

Getting Started

W&L students should check out the Center for International Education. The Study Abroad page has information about all study abroad opportunities, deadlines, and how to apply.

Places W&L math majors have studied abroad

Mathematics majors and minors have completed some mathematics coursework while studying abroad. Others have gone to study abroad programs in mathematics.  Here are some of the places where our students have studied.

  • London School of Economics. Usually students take the year long General Course program at LSE. Most students take a mix of mathematics and economics courses during their time at LSE.
  • Oxford University,
  • St Andrews,
  • London University - University College,
  • Budapest, Hungary.

Study abroad in Budapest Hungary

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

Initiated by Paul ErdÅ‘s, László Lovasz, and Vera T. Sós, the program Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (BSM) provides a unique opportunity for North American undergraduates. Through this program, mathematics and computer science majors in their junior/senior years may spend fall, spring or summer semester in Budapest and study under the tutelage of eminent Hungarian scholar-teachers. Most instructors have had teaching experience in North America and are familiar with the cultural differences.

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education (BSME) is a semester-long program in Budapest, Hungary, designed for American and Canadian undergraduates and recent graduates interested in teaching middle school or high school mathematics. BSME was conceived by the founders of Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (BSM), and the two programs share a common goal-to provide their participants with an opportunity to experience the mathematical and general culture of Hungary. BSME is specifically intended for students who are not only passionate about mathematics, but also the teaching of mathematics.

Math in Moscow

Math in Moscow is a semester long program for foreign students in Moscow, Russia. All courses in the program are in English. The main feature of the Russian tradition of teaching mathematics has always been the development of a creative approach to studying mathematics from the very outset. Not memorizing theorems and proofs, but discovering mathematics yourself under the guidance of an experienced teacher.