Study Abroad

Student Learning Outcomes:

Washington and Lee students completing an approved study abroad experience will:

  • demonstrate inter-cultural understanding by displaying intercultural communication skills and recognizing cultural differences
  • comprehend and speak a foreign language more proficiently, when studying in a country where the language of the university and/or program differs from the student's native language(s)
  • identify their personal growth in response to experiences in another culture that challenge their world views

Students who are interested in study abroad are required to make consultation visits to the CIE. Contact Cindy Irby, Assistant Director and Study Abroad Advisor at for an appointment.

Where Will You Go?

Use our interactive map to explore destinations where W&L's approved programs are offered for a full term or academic year.

Choosing a Program

Approval of particular study abroad programs will be based upon quality of instruction, range and appropriateness of curricular offerings, opportunities for cultural integration, and strength of administrative and structural support. Students should select from programs based on their academic interests and in consultation with faculty, advisers, and the Center for International Education.

Study Abroad Fair

The Study Abroad Fair takes place each fall and is a wonderful opportunity to meet with representatives from a variety of approved programs to explore study abroad options.

Applying to Study Abroad

Before applying to a study abroad program or university, students must meet with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss the application and approval process. Please contact Cindy Irby at to schedule an appointment.

Policies and Procedures

What you need to know before you go. Learn about eligibility requirements for study abroad, program and course approval, credit transfer, required languages, fees, financial aid and special rules for summer off-campus study.

Certificate of International Immersion

Students who show significant commitment to and understanding of global interaction may apply to have their experiences recognized with a Certificate of International Immersion, noted on the transcript and in the listing of honors at Commencement.