Sociology and Anthropology

Degree Type Bachelor of Arts
Department Sociology and Anthropology
Academic Division The College
Offerings Major
Sociology and Anthropology students are curious about how society and culture work and care deeply about solving social problems to make the world better.

Sociology and Anthropology

W&L offers one major with a concentration in either anthropology or sociology and an interdisciplinary minor in archaeology.

Our courses cover the following themes: archaeology and historical social science; gender, sexuality and human development; global cultures; health and society; identity and inequality; and politics, economics and culture. 

Our classes feature a free-form style of learning where students apply readings to real-life situations and explore their own topics of interest. When working with peoples and cultures different from their own, students learn how to see the world from other perspectives. Students engage with theoretical perspectives and practical skills that are applicable to their lives. This mixture of topical and practical training prepares our graduates for entering a variety of graduate schools and careers.

Typically, students choose research methodologies that most match their interests, work closely with professors in the classroom and through independent research projects, and push the boundaries of their knowledge through study, travel and community engagement.  Students have conducted research in places such as Appalachia, New York City, Western Europe, India, French Polynesia, Nepal, South Africa, Madagascar, Romania and Peru.

Jon Eastwood

Department Head

Craig Lawhorne

Administrative Assistant


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