Art History

Degree Type Bachelor of Arts
Department Art and Art History
Academic Division The College
Offerings Art History Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies
The Department of Art and Art History at W&L offers courses in the history of art and cultural heritage and museum studies. Its program of study includes a major and a minor in art history, as well as a minor in cultural heritage and museum studies. Art history classes are small – with caps on lecture courses set at 25 – and plentiful, with all courses taught in state-of-the-art facilities in Wilson Hall.

Why Study Art History at W&L?

In a world that has become increasingly dependent on images, and in an age marked by the manipulation of information through them, the importance of understanding the vitality of visual literacy and the challenges facing image-makers and image-readers has never been so strongly felt. The discipline of art history provides students with the intellectual tools to consider these issues and fosters an academic forum in which to address them thoughtfully, critically and innovatively.

"While I knew such opportunities were commonplace at W&L, I admittedly never expected to be one of the students to participate in such exciting and worthwhile research."

Lindsey HewittClass of 2021

Andrea Lepage

Department Head

Caryl Bryant

Administrative Assistant

After W&L

The study of art history has provided opportunities for recent majors, including careers in museums, theaters, nonprofits, arts agencies and camps. Other majors have pursued museum internships across the globe.

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