Degree Type Bachelor of Science
Department Accounting and Finance
Academic Division The Williams School
Offerings Major
Accounting at W&L builds on the liberal arts course foundation, increasing analytical and communication skills while providing knowledge and skills for any number of business areas. Majors take a combination of accounting, economics and business administration courses.


About one-third of our graduates are recruited by Big Four accounting firms. Another third join prestigious investment and commercial banking firms. The remaining third follow varied paths, including graduate school.

Students planning to work in public accounting must complete 150 hours of college credit to take  the CPA Exam in most states. Students may use AP credit, earn summer school credit, elect to overload, or attend graduate school. W&L has agreements highly rated graduate programs including University of Virginia, Wake Forest, Notre Dame and the University of Texas.

There are unique opportunities for students to intern and study in Sydney, Australia, Cape Town and London. In summer, students intern at accounting firms, major investment banks and other accounting and financial firms across the country.

"Accounting, the language of business, was a great fit because it showed me how people analyze and think about the exchange of money."

Dannick Kenon Class of 2019

Afshad Irani

Department Head

Joy Swartz

Administrative Assistant


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