W&L's motto, “not unmindful of the future” underlies the University's commitment to providing an education that is vital and relevant to the 21st century. The span of opportunities we offer as a liberal arts school encourages you to be, and do, anything you want. At W&L you have the flexibility to combine interests and pursue different passions.  

Our undergraduate program is composed of two divisions: The College, where you’ll study humanities, languages and sciences, as well as fine and performing arts; and The Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics, where you’ll study accounting, business administration, economics, politics and entrepreneurship. 

There’s no separate application for either division and as a W&L student, you will probably take classes in both. You may even take courses from professors in W&L's graduate School of Law through our interdisciplinary Law, Justice and Society program. 

Majors and Minors

Areas of Study
We offer 36 majors and 37 minors. You’ll be encouraged to dive in, explore, and discover connections that will broaden your perspective, enrich your education, and lend depth to your experience.

A Liberal Arts University

Educational Philosophy
We augment the liberal arts and sciences with offerings not commonly found at a small college. Our core curriculum, combined with the breadth of our course catalog, encourages students to make connections across disciplines.

Ways We're Different

Distinctive Programming
We offer programs that support the education of the whole person for students who are intellectually curious, eager to engage with communities, inclined to critical thinking and prepared to lead lives of consequence.

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