Writing Center

The Writing Center offers individual tutorial assistance to students on any college writing task, from papers and lab reports in any stage of completion to resumes and appli­ca­tion essays.  Open evenings on the main floor of Leyburn Library (Room M11), the Center is direct­ed by an English Department faculty member and staffed by juniors and seniors in various major and minor fields chosen for their superior writing and teaching abili­ties. 

Writing tutors do not proof­read or edit student work; rather, they help students analyze and strengthen their own writing process so they become more articulate and confi­dent.  In keeping with the Honor System, students who come must acknowledge Writing Center help on any project they submit for a grade.

Some handouts commonly used by our tutors to teach some aspects of writing:

Contact Names & More Information

For more information, contact Professor Kary Smout in Washington Hall 112, via email at smoutk@wlu.edu, or via phone at 458-8979.

SPRING TERM 2018:   During Spring Term the Writing Center is not open regular hours.  Instead, tutors are available for individual conferences by appointment.    The following tutors have offered to help students with writing projects. Please, e-mail any of them to set up a time to meet.  They will be paid by the Writing Center for the time they spend working with you.      


Name                                               Majors, (Minors)    
Nathan Brewer '19                           Classics, (Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
Hannah Falchuk '18                         Politics, (Poverty Studies)
Ben Gee '18                                     English, History, (Classics), (Philosophy)
Arlette Hernandez '18                      English, (Creative Writing), (Africana Studies)
Savannah Kimble '18                       English, Politics, (Classics)
Kassie Scott '18                               English, Sociology, (Poverty Studies)
Julia Wilson'18                                 English, (Creative Writing), (Mathematics)