Student Spotlights

Current Students

Cate Peabody '19

"It is my responsibility to voice my opinions and push both myself and others to be their best selves. Fitting in to the W&L mold didn't let me do that, instead, it is standing out that does."

Our Graduates

Lule Rault '12

"My time at W&L has been framed by one key issue: women's roles on campus and the challenges they face in a college setting."

Ken Delecki '11

"For me, being a Women's and Gender Studies student has meant that rather than brainwashing me with propaganda that makes me feel ashamed for being male, the women's studies program has opened my eyes to the common struggles shared by all people in our gendered world, allowing me to analyze the problems that create gender divisions and pervading stereotypes that are detrimental to the achievement of gender equality."

Catherine Kruse '11

"All of my life, I have lived among strong women leaders. Between strong women in my own family, my best friends from high school, and the teacher who let me know that it was ok to be a feminist and a Republican, I have been extremely blessed. When I came to Washington and Lee straight out of a private, Catholic young women's high school, I of course immediately sought strong women to attach myself to and learn from in a college environment. Frankly, I didn't have to look far."

Regina Mills '09

"For me, being a Women and Gender Studies student has meant re-inventing myself. WGS courses and its interdisciplinary nature have changed the way I view every aspect of life. I view everything with a critical eye, not only more aware of the gendered aspects of life, but also the effects of class, race, and sexuality on individual actions and society as a whole. The WGS community helped me flourish as a woman and supported me in a number of ways outside of the classroom."

Anne Van Devender '09

"For me, being a Women's and Gender studies student has meant changing the way I think about EVERYTHING. It has not only made me critical of the gendered aspects of society, but it also has made me rethink why other aspects of society are the way they are. This program has truly transformed the way I think, both in and out of the classroom."