Related Organizations

  • KEWL: Knowledge Empowering Women Leaders

    Mission: To complement and enhance the presence of women at Washington and Lee, through leadership training, service, programming and participation in Women’s Studies courses. Contact:

  • END IT

    Mission: To end sexual assault at Washington and Lee and ensure the safety and integrity of current and future generations of students, by educating the W&L community about the prevalence, nature, and causes of sexual assault at Washington and Lee; educating the community about what they can do to prevent or end sexual assault; and advocating institutional and campus climate reform that will help to eliminate sexual assault at Washington and Lee. Contact:

  • One in Four

    The purpose of One in Four is to prevent sexual misconduct by educating men, and to prepare men to support women who are victims of assault.  Contact:

  • GEI: General Equality Initiative

    Mission: Each member of the W&L community benefits from any and all measures to increase tolerance and acceptance of the differences within it. GEI will serve as an organization for students, administrators, and faculty committed to increasing tolerance and acceptance of the gay, lesbian and bisexual members of the W&L community.

  • MSA: Multicultural Student Association

    Mission: To promote ethnic and cultural awareness; To support the recruitment and retention of minority undergraduates; To provide social support for minority students; To assist the administration with improving the status of minority student life; To encourage interracial cooperation and communication; To create a voice against racism and discrimination Contact:  

  • SAIL: Student Association for International Learning 

    Mission: The governmental purpose of SAIL is for the promotion, financing and coordination of campus wide and committee oriented activities to increase international awareness together with the international office. Those groups that are participating in the umbrella group of SAIL are those with an international relevance:

    International Development and Relief Group aims to connect W&L community to and assist countries in need around the world

    International Students Association – helps W&L international population with the problems that they experience because of being away from home

    Model United Nations – tries to provoke debates over controversial topics of all kinds by organizing and attending conferences

    Outreach Committee – seeks to promote international awareness by bridging the gap between international students and W&L and Lexington communities


Law Student Groups

  • BLSA: The Black Law Student Association

    Mission: The Black Law Student Association narrowly aims to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black law students, foster and encourage professional competence, focus upon the relationship of the Black law student and the Black attorney to the American legal structures while generally establishing a climate of tolerance and acceptance of diversity and providing a support system for minority students at Washington and Lee University School of Law. Contact:

  • OutLaw

    Mission: to promote a sense of community among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex law students and to educate the W&L School of Law, University, and Lexington communities about the legal issues facing LGBTI individuals.

  • WLSO: Women Law Students Organization

    Mission: An organization that promotes a non-sexist atmosphere and provides a forum of discussion for issues that interest, concern and affect women, WLSO is dedicated to advocating for the success of women in the law, and to bringing an awareness of women's issues to the W&L Law School community.