Past Events




  • Community Forum on Sexual Assault. All members of the W&L community were invited to a forum to discuss the sexual assault problem at W&L, and there was a large turnout. The students in WGS 296A: Sexual Assault Prevention Workshop presented recommendations for changing W&L policies and practices relating to sexual assault.  December 9, 2009.
  • 10th National Symposium of Theater in Academe.  November 11 - 14, 2009.
  • Post Secrets from Love Your Body Week in an artistic exhibit in Leyburn Library, in the display areas across from the Information Desk.  October 2009.
  • A male perspective on male-female relations: Michael S. Kimmel's "Mars, Venus, or Planet Earth?" An entertaining one-hour lecture on DVD about gender relations, masculinity, and femininity.  October 7, 2009.
  • Catharine MacKinnon, Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar. Title: "Gender: The Future." Lee Chapel.  October 1, 2009.
  • Sergeant Riley and Officer Cherie Padgett from Lexington Police Department and Miles Kelly from the Rockbridge County Sheriff's office, to speak on police handling of reported sexual assault cases.  September 23, 2009.
  • Judy Casteele, Project Horizon, to speak on myths and facts surrounding sexual assault, resources for survivors, and the 2008 governor's order regarding law enforcement procedures in cases of reported sexual assault, which includes procedures for physical evidence collection.  September 16, 2009.


  • Hispanist Carla Olson Buck will give a public lecture and a lunch colloquium on the women of Ciudad Juárez. Sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program and the Women's Studies Program. May 26, 2008.
  • Sociologist Judith A. Levine's public lecture and a lunch colloquium on women and welfare. Sponsored by University Lectures and the Women's Studies Program. WST Lunch Colloquium, Monday, April 28, 2008.


  • English Professor Becky Gould Gibson reading from her poetry collection titled Need-fire (2007). The collection treats the life of Hild of Whitby, a 7th-century abbess in Northumberland. March 31, 2008. Sponsored by the Department of Religion and Women's Studies.


  • Judy Sweet, Executive Vice President of the NCAA, "Title IX and Women's Athletics" / April 25, 2006 / Co-sponsored with the Celebrating Women Committee.
  • Mary Corcoran, Professor of Economics, University of Michigan, "Are Women Lawyer's Closing the Partnership Gap?" / March 27, 2006. Co-sponsored with the Shepherd Poverty Program.
  • Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, author of Dirty Girls Social Club and Playing with Boys / March 23, 2006 / Co-sponsored with Tom Wolfe lecture series.
  • Pauline Mason, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, University of Maine / March 16, 2006, "Third Wave Feminism"
  • Poet Nikki Giovanni visited as the featured speaker for Martin Luther King Day / Monday, January 16, 7pm, Lee Chapel / sponsored by Onyx, Women's Studies, and Celebrating Women
  • Reading and Discussion on Naked: Black Women Bare All About Their Skin, Hair, Lips and Other Parts / January 19, 7:30-9pm, Elrod Commons 345 (Reception to follow). Ayana Byrd and Akiba Solomon, editors of Naked: Black Women Bare All About Their Skin, Hair, Hips, Lips and Other Parts (Perigee Trade Paperback, August 2005) gave a reading and facilitated a discussion. Professor Deborah Miranda, Assistant Professor of English "How We Say the F Word in Indian Country: Indigenous Women and Gendered Power." November 15th, 12:00 p.m. / Payne 21


ALL-DAY SYMPOSIUM, Thursday, November 10, 2005

Women and Feminisms in Cultures of the World; Women and Work; Masculinities.
Event Sponsored by the Committee on the Celebration of Women at W&L and organized by Domnica Radulescu

  • 9:30-11:30 a.m. 1. Fraternities of the Gut: How Japanese Men Manage Power with Silence, Robin LeBlanc, W&L 2. Nostalgia for Oneself: Masculine Angst in Four Short Stories by Spanish Writer Ana María Moix, Ellen Mayock, W&L 3. Indigenous Women and Feminism, Deborah Miranda, W&L 4. "Gender and Attitudes towards Work-Life Balance," Leslie Cintron, W&L
  • 12:00-1:00 Luncheon Colloquium -- Round table discussion with all participants and with students - Women and Feminisms in Cultures of the World
  • 3:00- 6:00 7. Feminisms and Women's Issues in Italy, Luciana Tuffani, editor of Italian Feminist Journal 8. Working with Women and Children in Africa, Coumba Touré, Activist, Senegal 9. Representations of Iranian Women in the US, Farzaneh Milani, Chair of Studies in Women and Gender Program, University of Virginia.
  • 6:15-7:00 Reception, the Great Science Hall
  • 7:00- 9:00 Dinner Banquet, the Great Science Hall

  • Dr. Megan Fulcher, Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychology "I want to be the first girl president: Occupational aspirations and parental traditionality" October 10th, 12:00 p.m. / Elrod Commons, 216
  • Maxine Payne, Assistant Professor of Art, Hendrix College "A Portrait of Rural Arkansas" September 29, 12:00 p.m. / DuPont 109
  • Reunion Seminar: A Generational Perspective of Women's Studies at Washington and Lee (presented by a coed, alumna, and professor). Participants: Karlyn Gold (current student), Carroll Thompson (alumna), and Dr. Ellen Mayock (Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Associate Dean of the College). Friday, May 20th (2:00-3:30 p.m.)
  • Leslie Cintron, Washington & Lee University/ May, 2005/"American Attitudes towards Work and Family Balance"
  • Lesley Wheeler, Washington & Lee University/ February, 2005/ "Materializing Millay: The 1930s Radio Broadcasts"


  • Quince Hopkins, Washington & Lee University / April, 2004 / "Restorative Justice for Sexual Assault: Questions and Possibilities"
  • Robin LeBlanc, Washington & Lee University / April, 2004 / "The Paradox of Masculine Honor: A Contemporary Confucian in Japanese Local Politics"
  • Guerrilla Girls Concert and Discussion / March, 2004


  • Julie Woodzicka, Washington & Lee University / December, 2003 / "'I Think She Likes Me': Sexual Provocation and the Meaning of a Smile"
  • Susan Stanford Friedman, University of Wisconsin-Madison / October, 2003 / "Traveling Tropes: The Globalization of Intertextuality in Women's Writing"
  • Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon / May, 2003 / Reading of and discussion about her poetry from "Black Swan"
  • Elizabeth Hackett, Agnes Scott University / May, 2003 / "Feminist Pedagogy"
  • Cecile West-Settle, Washington & Lee University / March, 2003 / "Heterodoxy in the Poetry of Luisa Castro"
  • Pamela Simpson, Washington & Lee University / February, 2003 / "Butter Sculpture"
  • Valerie Wayne, University of Hawaii / February, 2003
  • Marianne LaFrance, Yale University / January, 2003


  • Eavan Boland, Stanford University / October, 2002
  • Arlene Saxonhouse, University of Michigan / May, 2002 / "Is Plato a Feminist?"
  • Mary O'Malley / March, 2002 / Reading of and discussion about her poetry


  • Ellen Mayock, Washington & Lee University / December, 2001/ "Spain of 1945: Women's Literature and Popular Culture"
  • 91.5 WLUR (Washington and Lee University Radio) featured Women's Studies at Washington and Lee on the program "Equal Time." March 3, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., 2005


Capstone Presentations by Graduating Seniors

  • May, 2005 Justine Session
    Susan Somers
  • May, 2004 Claire Carothers: "Barbie: Understanding America's Favorite Icon"
    Natalie Deibel: "Power for Power's Sake: Margaret of Anjou's Motivations for the Use of Political Power During England's Wars of the Roses"