WLUR's Top 150 Albums of 2018

  1. ANNA BURCH, Quit the Curse (Polyvinyl)
  2. PALM, Rock Island (Carpark)
  3. ETERNAL SUMMERS, Every Day It Feels Like I'm Dying... (Nevado)
  4. SONNY SMITH, Rod for Your Love (Easy Eye Sound)
  5. FREE CAKE FOR EVERY CREATURE, The Bluest Star (Double Double Whammy)
  6. MITSKI, Be the Cowboy (Dead Oceans)
  7. CAMP COPE, How to Socialise & Make Friends (Run for Cover)
  8. TANUKICHAN, Sundays (Company)
  9. TOMBERLIN, At Weddings (Saddle Creek)
  10. SOCCER MOMMY, Clean (Fat Possum)
  11. DIRTY PROJECTORS, Lamp Lit Prose (Domino)
  12. VALLEY QUEEN, Supergiant (Roll Call)
  13. THIN LIPS, Chosen Family (Lame-O)
  14. TANCRED, Nightstand (Polyvinyl)
  15. HALEY HEYNDERICKX, I Need to Start a Garden (Mama Bird)
  16. LALA LALA, The Lamb (Hardly Art)
  17. HOP ALONG, Bark Your Head Off, Dog (Saddle Creek)
  18. FRANKIE COSMOS, Vessel (Sub Pop)
  19. NATALIE PRASS, The Future and the Past (ATO)
  20. LAS ROSAS, Shadow by Your Side (Greenway)
  21. LA LUZ, Floating Features (Hardly Art)
  22. BOYGENIUS, boygenius [EP] (Matador)
  23. PETAL, Magic Gone (Run for Cover)
  24. GANG GANG DANCE, Kazuashita (4AD)
  25. LUCY DACUS, Historian (Matador)
  26. MOUNT EERIE, Now Only (P.W. Elverum & Sun)
  27. NABIHAH IQBAL, Weighing of the Heart (Ninja Tune)
  28. HATCHIE, Sugar & Spice [EP] (Double Double Whammy)
  29. WYE OAK, The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs (Merge)
  30. BOYO, Me, Again (Danger Collective)
  32. BLOOD ORANGE, Negro Swan (Domino)
  33. BASEMENT REVOLVER, Heavy Eyes (Sonic Unyon)
  34. SNAIL MAIL, Lush (Matador)
  35. MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER, Bon Voyage (Fat Possum)
  36. SHANNEN MOSER, I'll Sing (Lame-O)
  37. BEACH HOUSE, 7 (Sub Pop)
  38. MOTHERS, Render Another Ugly Method (ANTI-)
  39. DEAF WISH, Lithium Zion (Sub Pop)
  40. YO LA TENGO, There's a Riot Going On (Matador)
  41. KADHJA BONET, Childqueen (Fat Possum)
  42. THE ESSEX GREEN, Hardly Electronic (Merge)
  43. BROCKHAMPTON, iridescence (Question Everything/RCA)
  44. BONNY DOON, Longwave (Woodsist)
  45. GUTS CLUB, Trench Foot (Self-released)
  46. ANNA ST. LOUIS, If Only There Was a River (Mare/Woodsist)
  47. COURTNEY BARNETT, Tell Me How You Really Feel (Milk!/Mom + Pop)
  48. CHARLES BRADLEY, Black Velvet (Dunham/Daptone)
  49. JENN CHAMPION, Single Rider (Hardly Art)
  50. SAINTSENECA, Pillar of Na (ANTI-)
  51. GABRIELLA COHEN, Pink Is the Colour of Unconditional Love (Captured Tracks)
  52. THE SPOOK SCHOOL, Could It Be Different? (Slumberland)
  53. ASTRONAUTS, ETC., Living in Symbol (Company)
  54. KING TUFF, The Other (Sub Pop)
  55. IAN SWEET, Crush Crusher (Hardly Art)
  56. TRACYANNE & DANNY, Tracyanne & Danny (Merge)
  57. PHANTASTIC FERNITURE, Phantastic Ferniture (Polyvinyl)
  58. BOY PABLO, Soy Pablo [EP] (U OK?)
  59. JEFF ROSENSTOCK, POST- (Polyvinyl)
  60. TREVOR POWERS, Mulberry Violence (Baby Halo)
  61. EYEDRESS, Sensitive G (LEX)
  62. DEVON WELSH, Dream Songs (You Are Accepted)
  63. FORTH WANDERERS, Forth Wanderers (Sub Pop)
  64. BODEGA, Endless Scroll (What's Your Rupture?)
  65. JESS WILLIAMSON, Cosmic Wink (Mexican Summer)
  66. TUNE-YARDS, I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life (4AD)
  67. PETER BJORN AND JOHN, Darker Days (Ingrid)
  68. THE LOVE LANGUAGE, Baby Grand (Merge)
  69. VIVIAN LEVA, Time Is Everything (Free Dirt)
  70. TY SEGALL & WHITE FENCE, Joy (Drag City)
  71. DORIAN CONCEPT, The Nature of Imitation (Brainfeeder)
  72. UME, Other Nature (Modern Outsider)
  73. THE BETHS, Future Me Hates Me (Carpark)
  74. MOMMA, Interloper (Danger Collective)
  75. SPEEDY ORTIZ, Twerp Verse (Carpark)
  76. KEVIN KRAUTER, Toss Up (Bayonet)
  77. GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW, Overload (Brainfeeder)
  78. THE GO! TEAM, Semicircle (Memphis Industries)
  79. DE LUX, More Disco Songs About Love (Innovative Leisure)
  80. L.A. LAW, Law & Order (Burger)
  81. TY SEGALL, Fudge Sandwich (In the Red)
  82. JOJI, BALLADS 1 (88rising)
  83. AMEN DUNES, Freedom (Sacred Bones)
  84. SEAN MORALES, Call It In (Super Secret)
  85. BELLE & SEBASTIAN, How to Solve Our Human Problems (Matador)
  86. OHMME, Parts (Joyful Noise)
  87. HALF WAIF, Lavender (Cascine)
  88. DR. DOG, Critical Equation (We Buy Gold)
  89. ARLIE, Wait [EP] (Atlantic)
  90. TUNNG, Songs You Make at Night (Full Time Hobby)
  91. NEKO CASE, Hell-On (ANTI-)
  92. SAVAK, Beg Your Pardon (Ernest Jenning)
  93. FENNE LILY, On Hold (Self-released)
  94. CLOUD NOTHINGS, Last Building Burning (Carpark)
  95. ADRIANNE LENKER, abysskiss (Saddle Creek)
  96. NAP EYES, I'm Bad Now (Paradise of Bachelors)
  97. THE PRIDS, Do I Look Like I'm in Love? (This-A-Way)
  98. JULIA HOLTER, Aviary (Domino)
  99. STILL CORNERS, Slow Air (Wrecking Light)
  100. THE DEAD TONGUES, Unsung Passage (Psychic Hotline)
  101. LET'S EAT GRANDMA, I'm All Ears (Transgressive/PIAS)
  102. DJANGO DJANGO, Marble Skies (Ribbon Music)
  103. LULUC, Sculptor (Sub Pop)
  104. SUN JUNE, Years (Keeled Scales)
  105. TYPHOON, Offerings (Roll Call)
  106. THE MILK CARTON KIDS, All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn't Do (ANTI-)
  107. MICHAEL NAU, Michael Nau & the Mighty Thread (Relearn to Boogie)
  108. DUSTED, Blackout Summer (Polyvinyl)
  109. DEATH OF LOVERS, The Acrobat (Dais)
  110. HELENA DELAND, From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" [Vol. 1-4] (Luminelle)
  111. TASHA, Alone at Last (Father/Daughter)
  112. BED WETTIN' BAD BOYS, Rot (What's Your Rupture?)
  113. VICKTOR TAIWO, Joy Comes in Spirit (Innovative Leisure)
  114. BOYO, Dance Alone (Danger Collective)
  115. PORCHES, The House (Domino)
  116. HOVVDY, Cranberry (Double Double Whammy)
  117. OUGHT, Room Inside the World (Merge)
  118. LOW, Double Negative (Sub Pop)
  119. MIDDLE KIDS, Lost Friends (Domino)
  120. EZRA FURMAN, Transangelic Exodus (Bella Union)
  121. NATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS, Tearing at the Seams (Stax)
  122. WILD NOTHING, Indigo (Captured Tracks)
  123. ROLLERCOASTERWATER, Degauss Advance (Self-released)
  124. TY SEGALL, Freedom's Goblin (Drag City)
  125. DAN MANGAN, More or Less (Arts & Crafts)
  126. JENNIFER CASTLE, Angels of Death (Paradise of Bachelors)
  127. HIPPO CAMPUS, Bambi (Grand Jury)
  128. BORN RUFFIANS, Uncle, Duke & the Chief (Yep Roc)
  129. PEACH KELLI POP, Gentle Leader (Mint)
  130. SWEARIN', Fall Into the Sun (Merge)
  131. SHY BOYS, Bell House (Polyvinyl)
  132. PINK FLAMINGO RHYTHM REVUE, Pink Flaming Rhythm Revue [EP] (YouTooCanWoo)
  133. JERRY PAPER, Like a Baby (Stones Throw)
  134. ANNA CALVI, Hunter (Domino)
  135. ANNA & ELIZABETH, The Invisible Comes to Us (Smithsonian Folkways)
  136. KHRUANGBIN, Con Todo El Mundo (Dead Oceans)
  137. CURTIS ROUSH, Cosmic Campfire Music (Modern Outsider)
  138. VIRGINIA WING, Ecstatic Arrow (Fire)
  139. SHAME, Songs of Praise (Dead Oceans)
  140. THE GOON SAX, We're Not Talking (Wichita)
  141. TOM ROGERSON WITH BRIAN ENO, Finding Shore (Dead Oceans)
  142. ACID DAD, Acid Dad (Greenway)
  143. ELOHIM, Elohim (BMG)
  144. NOW, NOW, Saved (Trans-)
  145. THE DONKEYS, Sun Damaged Youth (Flop)
  146. KERO KERO BONITO, Time 'n' Place (Polyvinyl)
  147. KOHLI CALHOUN, Take Me Away (Self-released)
  148. ANNA MCCLELLAN, Yes and No (Father/Daughter)
  149. PREOCCUPATIONS, New Material (Jagjaguwar)
  150. NO THANK YOU, All It Takes to Ruin It All (Lame-O)

This chart is based on airplay on the station throughout the calendar year. Read more about the albums on the WLUR playlist by checking out the WLUR Music Review Blog.