WLUR's Top 30 Albums - Week of May 22

  1. LAS ROSAS, Shadow By Your Side (Greenway)
  2. MIDDLE KIDS, Lost Friends (Domino)
  3. LA LUZ, Floating Features (Hardly Art)
  4. HALF WAIF, Lavender (Cascine)
  5. OKKERVIL RIVER, In the Rainbow Rain (ATO)
  6. ELOHIM, Elohim (BMG)
  7. SPEEDY ORTIZ, Twerp Verse (Carpark)
  8. ETERNAL SUMMERS, Every Day It Feels Like I'm Dying... (Nevado)
  9. FORTH WANDERERS, Forth Wanderers (Sub Pop)
  10. ICEAGE, Beyondless (Matador)
  11. LES POULES À COLIN, Morose (FamGroup)
  12. RED STEPPES, A Mouth May Grow (Native Cat)
  13. DONOVAN WOODS, Both Ways (Meant Well)
  14. BEACH HOUSE, 7 (Sub Pop)
  15. YOUNG RJ, The Detroit Project [EP] (Ne'Astra Music)
  16. ARCTIC MONKEYS, Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino (Domino)
  17. ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER, Rebound (Frenchkiss)
  18. NOW, NOW, Saved (Trans-)
  19. TWIN SHADOW, Caer (Reprise)
  20. PHOSPHENES, Find Us Where We're Hiding (FAYZ)
  21. JESS WILLIAMSON, Cosmic Wink (Mexican Summer)
  22. NEIGHBOR LADY, Maybe Later (Friendship Fever)
  23. TALKIE, Fundamental Things (Self-released)
  24. AMBER MARK, Conexão [EP] (PMR/Interscope)
  25. DR. DOG, Critical Equation (We Buy Gold)
  26. ALEXIS TAYLOR, Beautiful Thing (Domino)
  27. SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO, Murmurations (Wichita)
  28. THE BONES OF J.R. JONES, Ones to Keep Close (Self-released)
  29. CAMAROMANCE, Chasing Clouds (Simone)
  30. DANIEL BLUMBERG, Minus (Mute)

This chart is based on airplay on the station. Read more about the albums on the WLUR playlist by checking out the WLUR Music Review Blog.