H. Parker Willis Lecture Series

The H. Parker Willis Lecture Series was founded by Emeritus Professor of Economics John M. Gunn '45 to honor the first dean of the School of Commerce, H. Parker Willis. Willis served as an economics advisor to Congressman Carter Glass of Virginia's Sixth District. He was also a consultant to the House Banking and Currency Committee in 1912 and 1913, during which time the creation of the Federal Reserve System was being considered. Willis died in 1937.

Past Speakers

2014 Eric S. Rosengren, President, Boston Fed
2012 Allan H. Meltzer, Carnegie Mellon University
2011 Gary Stern, former President, Minneapolis Fed
2010 William C. Dudley, President, New York Fed
2008 Frederic S. Mishkin, Board of Governors
2007 Al Broaddus '61, former President, Richmond Fed
2005 Marvin Goodfriend, Senior VP and Policy Advisor, Richmond Fed
2004 Ben Bernanke, Board of Governors
2003 Bob McTeer, President, Dallas Fed
2002 Robert Ferguson, Board of Governors