Politics Department

The Department of Politics at Washington and Lee University teaches students to be informed and active citizens of a free society, able to think about politics with rigor and nuance. We offer a wide array of courses in American government, political philosophy, global politics, and statistics and methods. We encourage students to pursue their education in an interdisciplinary manner and we provide opportunities to augment their study in off-campus and experiential learning programs.

To this end, the Politics Department faculty:

  • Offer a broad, robust political science curriculum.
  • Structure the major in an interdisciplinary spirit and encourage students to take advantage of off-campus and foreign study programs.
  • Teach in a responsive, solicitous manner.
  • Engage and contribute to the study of politics in the broader scholarly community.
  • Teach courses that enable students to demonstrate competency in: Research and Analysis Objectively Evaluating Information and Arguments and Formulating their own thesis Integrating Knowledge into a broader understanding of Politics


Robert Strong, Washington and Lee

Monday, August 08, 2016

W&L's Strong Considers Trump Tipping Point

The following opinion piece by Bob Strong, William Lyne Wilson Professor of Politics at Washington and Lee, appeared on USA Today's website on August 6, 2016, and is reprinted here by permission.

From left to right: Scott McClintock '12, Cameron Dorsey '14, Joy Lee '12L, Bill Greener '72, Dustin Olson '02 and Charles Voudouris '19

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Working the National Conventions

W&L was well represented by five alumni and one current undergraduate working at the Republican National Convention, held July 18-21, in Cleveland. One week later, Jake Barr '16 worked the Democratic National Convention, held July 25 -28 in Philadelphia.