Wednesday, February 01, 2017 Sydney Internship and Study Abroad Program: Caroline Holliday '18
I picked up my life in picturesque Lexington, VA with its one-way streets and free parking and moved to the hip suburbs of Arlington, VA – a popular area for W&L students to move to after college, just a short metro ride into downtown DC. I traded three apartment-mates for six kids, a mammoth St. Bernard, and a chilly basement apartment. I switched out my intermediate accounting textbook and cozy carrel in Leyburn for a new city and an audit internship, all of this right in the middle of junior year. Sounds crazy? It’s worth it. Let me explain why. Tagged: Williams School, Accounting, Business Administration, On the Road
Monday, September 19, 2016 Fall Renewal
The return of students in the fall elicits mixed emotions. We feel the absence of those who have moved on even as we welcome the fresh and eager, first-year (FY) students. Tagged: Williams School, Dean's Update
Wednesday, May 25, 2016 Psychic Income and Sunrise Hikes
Larry Peppers has been my mentor since I arrived at W&L in 2000. Larry often talked about the “psychic income” of our profession. There were many jokes made about this concept. Will I owe a psychic income tax? Why does this always come up just before pay raises are announced? Does Dionne Warwick sign those checks? Tagged: Williams School, Dean's Update

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