What Not to Do During WebAdvisor Registration How to maximize the registration software experience

Here are important WebAdvisor registration strategies.

Multiple logins - Use only 1 login

Students may routinely open multiple instances of their WebAdvisor account in different browsers and different computers to try to increase their chances at getting certain courses. In fact, that strategy has the opposite effect for two reasons.

  • The university owns a finite number of licenses to run the software. When one student opens multiple WebAdvisor sessions, fewer classmates can get on, resulting in increased attempts, more errors, and slowing things down even further.
  • Because you are trying to register through one login (your username) from multiple sites (browser sessions), the software may have already processed one request and then locks up with a second (or third or fourth) request for the same thing. You slow your own access to registration -- and everyone else's -- by "banging" on multiple doors simultaneously. Many = Slower ; One = Faster

Logging in too early and then waiting too long - Timeout is 20 minutes

Timeout is 'inactive' time, that is time between clicks. Open WebAdvisor no more than 10 minutes in advance of your window opening, then pick your registration. But do not do this too early.

Using an Outdated Browser - choose the 'best' browser and update it

Browsers certified (tested) for best WebAdvisor use are:

  • Firefox, version 36, 41 (Mac and Windows)
  • Google Chrome, version 47
  • Internet Explorer, version 9, 10 or 11
  • Safari, version 6, 7, 8 or 9

It is not recommended to uninstall a newer version of a browser in favor of an older one, due to security reasons.

What will stop your entire registration or even a part

On the 'Holds and Registration Approvals' screen, you can see if you have a hold (with no end date) from an administrative office that would prevent you from registering. You can also see if your adviser has not given you the online authorization required for you to register. Both of these prevent you from registering at 7:30 am (or any other time). Usually the issue can't be resolved until later in the morning when offices open. Call the main number, 540.458.8400, or use the W&L directory to find a departmental phone number.

Also, if you need instructor consent for a course and it has been granted online, it will show here. You must have this approval if you wish to register or waitlist for a course 1) that requires instructor consent, 2) for which you do not have the prerequisite or corequisite, or 3) you don't meet a registration requirement (e.g., "open to juniors or seniors only" or "biology majors only").

Do not rely on word of mouth; check this screen the day before and be sure all is in order.

PART versus ALL

You have two choices: 1) requiring the software to go ahead only if all actions work ("ALL-All or nothing action") or 2) allowing for partial registration - whatever works ("PART-complete only available"). Clicking PART or ALL affects the success of your registration action, so think about it. During initial registration, "Start with PART" so you'll be registered for anything that is open. When making changes to your schedule, pick ALL, so you don't get dropped from one section even if you can't get into another section.

Too many cookies!

Browsers have a built in limit on 20 cookies per domain name. Each time WebAdvisor opens a new browser window it creates a new cookie for that window. If you close the window properly by clicking the CLOSE WINDOW button, then WA can correctly remove the cookie. If you close the window by clicking X in the top right, then the cookie cannot be removed and if you improperly close enough windows you can receive an error "the maximum number of cookie values has been reached." In order to avoid this problem, you should always use the CLOSE WINDOW button to close browser windows and not use the X.

Accessing WebAdvisor while Abroad

For students who experience suspected browser support issues at host campuses (e.g., while studying abroad), try using W&L's MyVI virtual interface (myvi.wlu.edu) as an alternativefrom your own computer.