Variable Credit Courses Some courses allow for the student to choose the number of credits for the course.

For variable credit courses, in WebAdvisor, you can choose the credit in two ways.

  • When Selecting Your Preferred Sections, change the credit for the section you wish add to your preferred courses list at the time of selecting that section. For example, if you wish to take MUS 341V-01 for 2 credits rather than 1, change the 1.00 credits to 2.00 credits when picking that section to be added to your preferred course list. If the course allows for variable credit, it should now show up on your preferred course list with the # credits you want.
  • For 100- and 200-level PE skills courses, please be sure to select 0 credits (and not 1) in your preferred sections list.
  • You can also change the credits from your preferred course list on the "Register and Drop Sections" screen. To do this, before you register for the section, change the credits and then pick 'Register' and submit. You should be registered for the new credits you selected, if variable credit is permitted.