Prerequisite or Registration Restriction for a Course

The computer will not allow you to register into a course for which you are missing the course prerequisite or you do not meet the registration restrictions (e.g. class year restrictions or major restrictions).

Only the instructor or department head can override a missing prerequisite or registration restriction. You must contact the faculty member and request approval to be eligible to register in their class.

  • Prerequisites (including registration restrictions) are noted the Course Offering List under Details
  • You can not register or waitlist into the class until consent is obtained and the faculty member gives you approval through WebAdvisor.
  • If given consent to enroll in the course, you will receive an email notification and it will be noted on your "Holds and Registration Approvals" screen (see screen shot below).
  • Please note that if you cannot reach the instructor (they could be on sabbatical or be a new or visiting professor) contact the department head for consent.
  • Sample error message: INTR-431-01 - INTR-431 prerequisite(s) not met. Instructor consent required to register. Second sample error message: PHIL-180-01 - THIS COURSE SECTION IS RESTRICTED TO FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS ONLY.
  • NOTE: Online instructor consent does not register you into a closed course or change your waitlist status. You may receive instructor consent, but it does not guarantee a seat if the course closes.