Error Notices, Registration Stops, and Explanations

If you don't meet all of a course's requirements (prerequisites, class or major restrictions, retake policies, no conflicts, no overloads etc.) you will be stopped from registering for the course. The following sample error messages alert you to special registration actions that must be approved by the instructor of the course or initiated by you with a paper "Registration Override" form.

Try to register outside of registration or drop/add dates or you're using a course from a previous term in your preferred sections list:

  • Sample error messages: You can't place ARTH-102-01 on the schedule at this time
  • Another example: You can't remove BIOL-255-01 from the schedule at this time

No adviser registration authorization: More information on the Adviser Authorization page.

  • Sample error message: You are not eligible for registration. PLEASE SEE YOUR ADVISER FOR AUTHORIZATION TO REGISTER.

Registration attempt outside of open registration window:

  • Sample error message: ACCT-201-02 - Student is not allowed to register before 07:30AM on 10/29/15.
  • ACCT-201-02 - Student is not allowed to register after 12:00AM on 1/15/16.

Instructor consent required: More information on the Instructor Consent page.

  • Sample error message: ARTS-111-01 - Instructor consent is required to register for ARTS-111-01.

Prerequisites or class/major restrictions have not been met: More information on the Instructor Consent page.

  • Sample error message: INTR-431-01 - INTR-431 prerequisite(s) not met. Instructor consent required to register.

Corequisite needed: You must register for both the main course and co-requisite course at the same time. This is common for science classes and labs. More information on the Corequisite page.

  • Sample error message: BIOL-111-01 requires concurrent registration in BIOL-113.

Conflicts: The computer will not let you register for two courses that meet at the same time. More information on the Conflicts page.

  • Sample error message: PE-111-01 conflicts with ACCT-297A-01.

Retaking a course: You may be stopped from retaking a course if you've already repeated the course once, or if you've reached the course retake cap set by each department or program. More information on the Retakes page.

  • Sample error message: JOUR-101-01 - JOUR-101 has been taken 2 time(s). 2 allowed

Closed course: You will be stopped from registering in the course section if the course capacity is reached. You can choose to waitlist in the course, or obtain a paper override.

  • Sample error message: PE-158B-01 - Course Filled. Either add to wait list or look for an available section.

Overload approval required: More information on the Overload Approval page.

  • Sample error message:Registration in PSYC-112-01 puts you in overload for UGR-WINTER TERM 2016. During Pick One and Spring Term: 4 credits maximum. After Pick One, Fall/Winter overload requests above 14 credits are made through WebAdvisor.'

Try to Waitlist into a section when waitlisting is not open:

  • Sample error message: Registration into a waitlisted course is only allowed if you receive an ‘Offer from Waitlist' e-mail.

PE FDR complete:

  • Sample error message: Cannot register for PE-158B since it will begin after you have completed the FDR requirement.
  • This error may show up for seniors when registering for spring term. If this is the case, contact the University Registrar's office so they can remove PE-XXX from your winter term registration (which has been placed there while tracking seniors for graduation).

Hiatus warning when studying abroad:

  • Sample error message: WARNING: The student is on hiatus from MM/DD/YY to MM/DD/YY... This is simply a warning but it will not stop registration.

Missing assigned registration window:

  • Sample error message: BUS-217-01 - Student XXXXXXX has no Registration Priority. Term 16/UW requires one.
  • This error is due to a computer glitch which results in your registration window times not being assigned or updated. Call the University Registrar's Office at 540.458.8454 and email to let us know.

Funky waitlist message that shows up when a student registers into a class with an active waitlist (ignore it):

  • Sample message: PE-158B-01 - WaitEnrl override used.

Submit button clicked without asking to register, drop, waitlist, or take any action on the screen:

  • Sample error message: To proceed, you must choose to register or drop a section or you may click on Menu or a link at the bottom of the page to continue.

Several tabs or instances of WebAdvisor opened at the same time:

  • Don't try to simultaneously open several tabs or instances of WebAdvisor or simply close your laptop when done in WebAdvisor. This can cause a record lock in the back ground. You may get an error or not be able to refresh and see your approvals, or have them applied to registration if you have more than one instance of WebAdvisor open at a time.

    Sample error message: The server was unable to process your request. This may be due to a cataloging problem. Please contact your system administrator.

    another possible error message:
  • The records for student STUDENT NAME (ID number) are being updated by another process. Please try again later.
    If you get this error, contact the ITS Helpdesk ( so ITS can clear the AR.LOCKS file because you closed out of a WebAdvisor process incorrectly.

Bookmarking or loading a cached webpage:

  • If you type in the WebAdvisor URL and load the last page it may grab a cached page and not the login page. This can also be a problem with bookmarking any WebAdvisor page. See this explanation for Mac users, which says "When you load Web pages in your browser, the browser creates a local copy of the data on that page. Depending on your browser and the specific Web page being viewed, you may get only this cached version the next time you load the page..."
  • Doing this may give you this error: No student record on file or You have no student activity on record
  • To fix - log in to WebAdvisor from the official WebAdvisor login screen (e.g., off the University Registrar's website). You may also bookmark

Too many cookies error:

  • Be sure to LOGOUT of WebAdvisor rather than just closing your web browser. If not logged out properly, you can cause lots of problems - including freezing your account if you open another session of WebAdvisor, slowing the speed of using WebAdvisor, putting too many cookies on your computer which stops WebAdvisor activity, and compromising the security of your account. Also, if you open a WebAdvisor that has a 'CLOSE WINDOW' or 'OK' button on the bottom, it is better to click that button rather than use the 'back' button or the X at the top right, because each of those windows puts a cookie on your account. This is what locks things up. Always use the CLOSE WINDOW rather than the X or back buttons. Log out of your browser and re-login. Remove the cookies cache on your machine.
  • Sample error message: The maximum number of cookie values has been reached. If other windows are currently open or were not closed using the 'CLOSE WINDOW' button, then you must close all current browser windows and re-login to avoid unpredictable behavior.

Timed out error:

  • If WebAdvisor stays idle for 1200 seconds (20 minutes), then you will get an error saying that you need to login again. Be careful during registration that you don't open your WebAdvisor 'register and make changes' page and then leave it for many minutes. The recommendation is to open WebAdvisor 10 minutes before your window and move through the screens at that time.
  • Sample error message: Your previous session has expired and is no longer valid.
    or Your previous session is no longer valid. Please log in again.